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Melbourne Toy Run - Sunday 13th December

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Just in case anyone has forgotten the Melbourne Toy Run is on this sunday 13th December.

    All the details are Here

    The Toy Run will go ahead - no matter what the weather is like. It rained last year and a lot of riders wimped out - which I hope doesn't happen agin this year. The weather forecast looks good at this point.

    There is lots of entertainment at Williamstown and QBE have kicked in to make the site look great.

    More info HERE

    The Toy Run Organising Committee had their final meeting last night and everything is ready...
  2. gah timely reminder, wont be there too short of a reminder to get off work. Have fun!
  3. So is no one doing this one?
  4. I will most definately be going along this year. I wil lbe brinign my daughter along as pillion this year. I was one of the ones who whimped out due to the torrential rain last year.....

    I'm still undecided if I am going to go with hte Cranbourne meet point or the Ferntree Gully meet point. Either one means I have about a 30 minute ride to get to.

    I'm surprised though that nothing else had been mentioned before on NR. Normally its a big deal. Great Cause and usually a great day.
  5. The MRA only yesterday attempted to add the event to the calendar.
    They should have added it the day they became aware of all the final details to allow maximum exposure.
    The calendar entry was incomplete and when it was rejected I had a "FFS" email from JDK accusing me of not wanting to associate.
    I think he feels that because what the MRA is they are exempt from doing stuff properly.
    I treat them as equally as the next person and I get a mouthful from JDK.

    I plan on being there unless the hangover is as large as JDK's mouth :p
    Off to the wife's Christmas party to get messy :D
  6. lol 30 mins is nothing...I got a min of 1.5 hours to get to the nearest meet up point, a few of my friends are doing it so i might go down the night b4 and crash with them....
  7. Still won't be able to ride till at least January will be 5 months then since the Achilles rupture repair.
    I really miss riding!!!!
  8. I missed that Smee - was it a football injury or something?
  9. All going well should be there with my son and friend...
    is there a netrider meet point before city.........(Albert Park or something)???


  10. Yep snapped completely and had to be surgically reattached. Minimal pain though which is normal for a complete rupture.
    This was august 9th when it happened.
  11. I'll be riding in from Sunbury with a few other bikes.
    I've got the toys organised only problem is that I've got a party that I have to attend saturday night.
    But rain ,hail or shine hangover or not I'll be there.
    If anyone wants to tag along with us to Williamstown from Sunbury let me know and we will organise where to meet.
  12. Just a "right of reply" here.

    I added the ride details - agreed a little late in the piece when I noticed that it wasn't lisited.

    I listed www.toyrun.org.au as where all the details for the event are. Vic decided that this was the wrong detail - and that wasn't good enough.

    He kept rejecting my submission - we had an email barny over it. But, that's par for the course with Vic and I8-[

    For the record:

    The Melbourne Toy Run is an Annual Event - now in its 32nd year. It is always held on the 2nd Sunday in December. You can turn up to the same place year in year out and go..... But, it helps to visit www.toyrun.org.au first.

    Its a pity that Netrider can't list it as a recurring event. Its free - thousands of you attend every year - the weather looks like it will be perfect. I'm actually working that day and won't be able to join in - but I will be in Latrobe St early Sunday morning before I head off to do 4 hrs taking kids for Harley Rides in my sidecar at Cadbury Schweppes in Ringwood from 12pm to 4pm at their Staff Xmas Party.

    So - there you are guys - Vic is right, I got it in late. I didn't meet his requirement. Where that requirement is spelt out, I have no idea?
  13. Farkin hell mate. What a pain!
  14. Ouch Smee thats sounds horrible...See nothing good comes from exercise lol
    Hope you are up and riding soon ;)

    What time would this run finish? I just realised the UFC 107 is on sunday and its imperative that i watch the fight :angel:
  15. Who did you kick? :)

    (that is effing painful - it's often better to break a bone than injure a tendon)
  16. Correct, it was not good enough. The event submission needs to have ALL of the details, not just a "hi, this is the event, go here to see details".

    Far be it for the truth to get in the way of a good story. I rejected it ONCE. You only posted it ONCE.
    You attempted to add the feeder runs to the calendar and again, you only provided a link rather than all the details so that too was rejected, ONCE.
    If you are going to sensationalise it, you need to try harder than that.

    Just turn up to where? there have been several different starting points over the years. I suppose people should just guess?

    Because the details change all the time. I cant see why you clowns can't add the event to the calendar when you finalise the details, why wait until there are 5 days to the event before attempting to disseminate the information?
    I'm getting tired of the MRA and the way it does things.

    And the relevance? What are the kids names? you left that detail out :roll: oh, wait, I know, self promotion :roll:

    Of course I'm right. :D

    I like you John, you can make a corpse look clever.
    It has always been there. Not my fault if you don't want to help yourself.
  17. It's a good cause & a good news story for motorcycles. I'll be leaving from Fern Tree Gully.
  18. I'll be at LaTrobe street, I wanna ride with a tuc-tuc...
  19. Same here :) If you see a black VFR covered in pink and green tinsel that'll be me :grin:
  20. Looks like FTG is the place for the Eastys to meet up. Apologies to all - I didn't get a chance to organise the Eastern feeder run to Albert Park this year.

    Happy to bring it back next year if anyone is keen.