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Melbourne toll roads

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ed Chigliak, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm heading to Tas next month but spending the night at werribee on the way there so will be heading to the port from that direction. I know I'll be going on toll roads but do bikes need to pay for these. If so, how much is it. The webstes aren't too clear on it so i gave up and came on here.

    Ta for any info.

  2. Staying at Werribee and then going to Port Melbourne you will only be using Citylink. That is free for motorcycles.
  3. on citylink, which is the roads you will be taking, bikes dont pay tolls. they do pay tolls on eastlink, but i dont think youlll be using that if youre heading for werribee.

  4. +1 No tolls

    And if you ended up on East Link you would be seriously out of your way.
  5. Just had a look at the maps and I'd be seriously out my way if I ended up on Eastlink. I've ridden from Weribee to Melbourne before but couldn't remember if I paid or not. Cheers for the info.

    Should really come on this site more often.
  6. Anywhere bust eastlink, and no tolls for bikes :) So you can jump on citylink for free if needed.
  7. how long has eastlink had tolls? i just got an invoice today in the mail from a ride to portsea from melbourne city for $10.50!
    bloody bs... need another protest ride like what happend on city link, that stopped the proposed tolling on motorbikes, or a some flip number plates :)
  8. Eastlink has tolled motorcycles 50% of the motorcar rate from the beginning. A protest ride was organised but poorly received. I have a pre-paid account which is debited when my number plate is scanned under their toll gantries.
  9. however, if you do accidently end up on Eatlink, don't go over 90kph, or you"ll get speeding fines.
  10. that would be very annoying if you were to be using it every day
  11. this is what i initially thought! pretty glad it was only $10.50