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melbourne to sydney

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Mikey213, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. So basically i want to ride from melbourne to sydney via the hume, and yes i know it may be boring but.. thats the way i want to go, ill be stopping into towns on the way there etc.. and staying in albury overnight.

    A few questions, my dad has driven this route numerous times in the car.. and i've been there, and obviously never paid attention to fuel stops etc.. he only stopped once in the 8 hours for fuel. What are the distances like between fuel stops, i'm currently running my bike till it hits reserve to figure out how many klms i get on a tank.

    so far 240 and its just below half.. so i'm thinking at least 400klms, i know the route i'm taking to my uncles house is 968klms or there abouts.. i'm not saying ill be able to get 400 on a tank its a guestamation, so if i stop at 300 and refuel etc..

    i will be stopping every couple of hours, and take my time and make it worth while.

    but basically what kind of distances are we talking between rest stops/fuel stations, should i invest in a sheepskin cover? my seats quite comfortable, i rode for around 4 hours the other day and only got off once or twice for a ciggy.

    if i should get one .. where would you purchase it.

    and last of all any tips for the ride, and any towns that are good touristy stops, such as glenrowan.

    thanks guys.

    edit: i'm also buying a motorbike gps that has tom tom maps loaded onto it, from ebay.. waterproof and all that jazz, just for precautionary matters incase i get lost, ill also be printing off directions and a map for extra.

  2. It's pretty damn hard to get lost on the Hume between Melbourne and Sydney.
    There are also plenty of fuel stops along the way - I dunno what you're riding but I stopped just north of Melbourne, then Benalla, Gundagai and Marulan for top-ups recently.
  3. Seriously, take another route if you can. You will be bored shitless within 30 minutes and that is dangerous.

    Go the coast road or up through Bombala - may be a little longer but you will be all the better for it.

    I'm quite serious -unless you have a very good reason for going the hume (ie - stopping to see someone on the way), avoid at all costs.....

    Graham :)
  4. I did it on my 250 and my bum was alright, if you're going the hume just make sure you have some good tunes/podcasts to keep a smile on your dial or as others have said it gets quite boring.

    Just make sure you come back via the coast it's so much more fun.
  5. You're spendin a night in Albury so why not avoid the hume as far as Wangaratta riding thru yea, mansfield and possibly whitefield..

    I did Sydney that way just after Xmas and helps a bit.
    Oh I went direct with stops at Wangaratta, Gundagai and Maurlan and it took me 10 1/2 hours..

    I returned via coast which although 2 or so hours longer, much more enjoyable..
  6. bike got heated grips? with this cold spell we're having youre fingers will freeze, so heavy gloves or liners for existing gloves. wet gear [in case] makes sure you're comfortable not cold/hot etc. Carry water with you wo shen you pull over for a ciggy have a drink as well. good music is a smart move too, and if you ARENT time poor, then as all have suggested take a scenic route even if only part of the way. Rode to kilmore just last week up the Hume, only a short distance and boring as all fark. Safe riding and enjoy the adventure, remember, it's the journey not the destination thats enjoyable!! Well unless you're greeted by naked women with beer when you get there lol..
  7. Ill be going through some towns off the hume, hence the gps, its my first time riding to sydney as i've said, i have an 09 gs500, thanks for all the tips.

    i know you all say it'll be boring but its the way i want to go, i have plenty of music on my iPhone, and i enjoy long stretches of road for some reason, but thanks for the tips on the towns i should visit on my way, i'm not time poor i can take as much time as i want getting there.. so ill divert off the freeway and go through some of the places.

    and goddie, i just bought a wet weather suit and some "winter gloves", do you think that'll be enough? should i invest in heated grips?
    because my other wet weather gear is pretty shit, same with my old gloves... i have some "summer" gloves i wear atm.

    ill be heading up there after my birthday on the 29th of jan, so probably the 31st or the 1st of feb, hoping the weather will improve.
    i have no issues riding in the rain as my motorbike is my main form of transport, and with this melbourne weather its always a probability that you'll be stuck in a downpoor, or hours of rain.

    what other "touristy" towns or exciting things to see on my way please post them.

    cheers guys.

    edit: i also have no issues of sitting on my ass for hours on end riding for no particular reason, when i go riding i usually don't get off unless i need a smoke, but i have all the time in the world so extra scenic routes would be nice.
  8. You'd be crazy not to take a spare set of gloves in your bag, heavy gloves if they get wet can be changed for spare set till you stop for a good hour, then chuck wet gloves on the motor[cyl heads] to dry off while you are taking a break. Heated grips will set you back some $130 to buy and maybe $60 t install [streetmaster] so if you have the cash, cheaper alternative might be bark busters [if they have them for your buke] that's keep the cold air off your fingers.. gotta neck sock? if not use a scarf that you can fold and tuck into your jacket so no loose stuff hangin out. again make sure you feel comfortable when riding, by the time you get to Kalkallo you'll know if you're comfortable for the ride, oh yeah, one main thing, a punctur repair kit!! I hope you wont need one but if you get stuck on the side of the road. Theres a mob in Cambelfield that sell thru ebay..
  9. Yeah i'm buying more gloves as i said.. "winter" gloves, and ill be taking my "summer" gloves also, i don't think the heated grips will be necessary, i have a neck scarf, and i also have a puncture repair kit, with one of those for lack of a better word, compressors that you attach to the battery to inflate your tire.

    Just ordered some dririder panniers, 63litres.. if its not enough i can strap my backpack to the top also.

    Cheers goddie, i don't see why i wouldn't be comfortable.. i've ridden for long stretches and i don't really get a numb ass, on both the bikes i've had, this one is more comfy, but i thought id ask if you reccomended a sheepskin or not.
  10. I havent done long distance riding myself so cant really confirm about the sheepskin, although I have read that it does make for a more comfortable ride WITH the sheepskin..
  11. You're going to Sydney, not round the world.

    I've done Sydney-Melbourne and back several times (although never on the Hume!!) - and seriously you don't need to worry too much about it. Sure - puncture repair kit is a must - but apart from that and some waterproofs you won't need much else. You've got to carry all this crap remember.

    Have fun!

  12. Having done mlb to brisb in a day numerous times, and mlb to cairns in 2 days, i have some suggestions.

    DONT take the hume!

    Go the coast route.
    Or get the motorcycling atlas,and plan some more interestin routes using the 'best rides' index.

    Guarantee you will have more fun,learn more about riding, and stay focussed for longer periods than the hume.

    Go down the newell, visit bathurst, do a few laps, visit some of the countrySide.

    Do anything but go down the hume.
    Fyi, less chance of being done by the constabulary as well.