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Melbourne to Sydney and back

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by guardian_angel, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. i could go with you and make sure your allrite if you want, and you know you do
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. On the Goonies ride we went to Sale via Foster & Yarram, was a lot better than the Princes Hwy, especially on a 250. @Caz no 2 could probably give you the exact route we went.
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  4. I have done almost the exact same run but finished in batemans bay all the roads you mentioned are nice try and avoid a weekend as it is caravan hell they are slow up the hills but get upto 120km/h downwards behind you! Watch out for wombats at night Roos at dusk

    Awesome ride for the most though
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  5. Also the 2nd day riding is good went there a few weeks back from batemans bay to yass along the same roads. Seen about 6 cops between batemans bay and the goulburn turn off a bit of roadworks about 60-80km out of batemans bay..

    Dima we need to do a ride like this..
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  6. I thought about trying to find someone to ride with, but I am going for very specific times and to a friends house. Doubt it will work with anyones schedule :( Thanks for the offer though.


    Thanks @HB, I have considered it but it adds an extra hour onto the journey according to google maps so I took it off. If it is that much better I'll add it back in :)

    Thanks @suzipete, it is nice to hear from someone who has done the roads. Can I ask how long each trip took you?
  7. @suzipete, it is nice to hear from someone who has done the roads. Can I ask how long each trip took you?[/quote]

    From Melbourne to batemans was 9 hours pretty solid

    The 2nd day you have planned I have not done entirely although I have been on all those roads. I'm guessing after you get about an hour out of batemans bay you will be pretty quick the roads are not very slow occasional 80km corner. The middle part (end day 1 start of day2) is by far the best for twisties. Just be careful if your tired it can be a biatch
  8. is your friend hot? i dont mind sharing
  9. Sorry GA - not at you....

    The face-palm was for GregB..............he never quits with the innuendo...........can't blame a brother for trying I guess......

    A+ for effort :D
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  10. Ah, that makes sense. I tend to just ignore it :)
  11. Thanks @suzipete, it sounds like the Tathra area is a good place to stop then, don't want to go on too far through twisties when I am tired :)
  12. The ride is a lot better going down Bass Highway to Inverloch across to Yarram, Foster up to Sale. Then stay overnight at Merimbula. 2nd day up Sapphire Coast Hwy up to Tathra and then eventually getting back onto the Princes/Pacific Hwy then veer off to Wollongong to go up onto the sea bridge (FANTASTIC) then through the Royal National Park then into Sydney. Plenty of petrol stops along the way, Starr and I did our first trip on the 250's and we loved it.
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  14. i will never stick it inyourendo
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  15. Only suggestion i would make, is on day 2, not going into sydney from the blue mountains via the great western highway, but instead 1 road over there is the bells line of road, unless lawson is your final stop, then the highway it is.
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  16. Don't go on too far when your doing a long day on the 250's seems to take it out of you more than the bigger bikes for some reason... I could do about 500-600km a day on the 250 but on the 600 super sport have done 800km melb-Canberra and was feeling ok
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  17. Hahahahahaha - thanks Greg......I'd appreciate that - LOL
  18. The 2nd leg to Sydney has some decent roads but I would change the route to go through the Snowies instead and get some corners.
  19. I completely agree actually :) I can get flights for $35, and if I took the Hume I'd drive. But as @suzipete suggested, as the longest solo ride I have done to date, I want to make it fun but not too long.

    I like @Caz no 2's suggestion of stopping at Merimbula, makes that first leg a good length but I am heading to the Blue Mountains (Hazelbrook technically) so it makes sense to go that way.