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Melbourne to Robe and Back

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Beza, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. I'm finishing up at my current job next week and have a week off before I start my next one so I figured why not take a trip to Robe in SA.

    Here's my planned trip so far:


    I aim to leave on the Monday 22 November at 6am

    Day 1 :Melbourne via the coast to Port Campbell
    Day 2: Port Campbell to Robe
    Day 3: Spend a day in Robe (apparently the sea food is great there)
    Day 4 : Robe to Dunkeid
    Day 5: Dunkeid to Melbourne

    Anyone got any tips on places to stay, check out along the way, alternative route or things to watch out for?
  2. When you get to Dunkeld turn left & head up to Halls Gap. At Halls Gap turn left & hang on. Once you get to the Horsham road take a right for Melbourne. Or do a u-turn & head back to Dunkeld.

    It's a road you should not miss.

    There's aslo the 1200 year old red gum if you want to check that out. Near Casterton from memory.
  3. Beza you bastard, I've been meaning to do that road trip for four years... I actually was on such a road trip four years ago... but it ended on a diesel slick near lavers hill.

    Have a great ride and take in Halls gap.
  4. The road up to Halls Gap looks like a lot of fun and should be a nice way to end the trip. I'm just hoping the weather stays fine for most of the way.
  5. I did a similar trip from Mel to Mt Gambier but I took the coastal road (Discovery Bay Road) from Portland via Nelson. It's one of the top 20 Victorian rides in the Australia Motorcycle Atlas and is worth the slight detour.
  6. @Chollima's Ah sweet, I'll look it up tonight. I'm in no rush to get to Robe so the more places the better.
  7. Definately the grampians, you're practically there anyway at Dunkeld.

    I'd suggest staying in Warrnambool instead of Port Campbell, cheaper accommodation & better nightlife (unless you're after a quiet night).

    Port Fairy is also very nice, but will likely be as dear/dearer than PC for accommodation.
  8. Ohhhhh halls gap/grampians run...

    Used to live in Horsham, years and years ago, the road over there (from Horsham to Halls gap) is awesome. It's been re-surfaced recently, very grippy, very tight corners, a lot of fun in the GTI (haven't done it on a bike yet).

    Also worth noting is there's another road that runs along the bottom, much quieter, fair bit faster, just watch out for other bikes (they really hook along).
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    Ok, if you don’t go to Halls Gap I’ll punch you square in the face... :evil:


    If you stay at Halls Gap for the night then just stay at the caravan park that's in the middle of the town... its close to everything.... I wouldn’t waste my time in going to Horsham from Halls Gap... but I’d be taking a lap around the Scenic Route to McKenzie Falls... and there’s another little falls too where the water fall just disappears into the ground but I forget the name of it... I’ll have to look it up for you... the Pinical is worth the walk too, ifn you’re in the mood to stretch your legs...

    If it’s wet be extra careful through that Lavers Hill area as you’ll slip on wet leaves... some of the roads can have a large dip in them.. depends if they’ve fixed them up or not...

    Stop at the Twelve apostles, London Bridge through the Port Campbell area... there’s a couple of other good stops there but I can’t remember them... there’s heaps of stop along the Campbell area and cars are continually pulling out right in front of you... you know what those city slickers are like ;) .... lots of asian drivers down there rubbernecking and getting in the way...

    The GOR can get tedious and repetitive... take breaks and don’t cut corners like the other 200 odd that have died down there.. be careful of idiot drivers cutting corners onto your side of the road... drive defensively...

    At port Campbell there’s a cafe that overlooks the bay... it’s nice to have a cuppa in there etc....

    Watch out for dumb farmers between Campbell and Warrnambool... heaps of places to stay in Warrnambool... there’s a motel in Port Fairy right next door to the pub in the main street that costs $65 atm.. the hotel that's white with red roof which paint is flaking off... can’t remember the name...

    As you are heading towards Port Fairy about 10 K out turn left towards the “golf course” ... it’ll take you into the back way to town and down to the boat port if you just follow the road... lovely area..

    Don’t go to Heywood... go to Portland like Cholli said and take the Portland to Nelson road... what a delight that road is... reasonably quiet too!!! I used it for the time we went to Port McDonnell... luffly little fishing town..

    Ok, I’ll chase up some pics/vids and stuff for you in those areas I've mentioned above.. feel free to ask any questions..

    ok, here's a couple of short vids that i've taken of the Halls Gap area on just a couple of trips that i've taken up there over my life... two vids, two different bikes :)



    ok, if you don't want to go to Halls Gap/ Grampians after watching those beauties you'd have to be homosexual and you may as well sell your bike... LOL ...

    joking :p

    Port McDonnell



  10. Port Campbell area




    Halls Gap, McKenzie Falls



    Halls Gap Caravan Park




  11. Warrnambool, Cannon Hill and Bay and Breakwater area



  12. I did the Melbourne-Robe trip with a cage inland via the hamilton/glenelg freeway b140 a few years back when there were bushfires in the grampians region. Going along the coast would be terrific. Agree with all the places above posters have advised to visit. In addition while you're there you could also visit Mt Gambier and the beautiful lake.

    firetiger: With those pics this thread has become more interesting all of a sudden. Me and some mates seldom go to Halls Gap and camp in tents at Smith Mill campground and always visit mckenzie falls.
  13. @firetiger you sir are a legend those places look amazing.
  14. 2nd to last photo... damn thats a small cutter :p.
    Looks a little odd though... havent seen a cutter head like that before. Maybe a bucket wheel...?

    Nice photos mate!
  15. My husband and I are doing a trip to Horsham to have his Buell serviced at Horsham Harley, staying the night in town.
    Booked us in for a 2 night stay in Halls Gap in a little cabin. This will be my 1st road trip on the bike so I am really looking forward to it. We recently went to Halls Gap in the car and loved it. The bike is going to be amazing!

    Firetiger, thats some nice photography!

    Enjoy your trip, and you just have to visit Halls Gap and surrounds!
  16. don't forget about backpackers and YHA's, they are much cheaper than caravan parks. Looks like a great trip, do you want any company? I might have that week off.
  17. http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=d&...37.913867,142.542114&spn=2.82991,6.097412&z=8

    Here's my revised trip I added in Halls Gap on the way back and taking Discovery Bay Road from Portland up to Robe. Not sure exactly where I'll end up staying on the first night it all depends on how I feel by the afternoon. I think going through all those twisties on the first run will take a bit out of me.

    Last time I did a rode trip I had a rule to start my ride at 8am and where ever I was by 3pm was where I stayed the night, worked out pretty good for me fatigue wise and gave me plenty of time to explore the town have a few beers, a meal and get some decent rest.

    The pub in Port Fairy with the red roof I figured out was the http://www.caledonianinn.com.au
  18. The only thing that you may or may not like to add in is Kingston SE which is just up the road from Robe... depends if you like to look or take pictures of Australia’s “Big Things” ... at Kingston SE they have a Giant Crayfish.. not much else there besides the fuel station/cafe and the Lighthouse...



    Mount Gambia’s Blue Lake


    Port Fairy, down on the Moyne River... by the way, yes that is the pub that I was thinking about with the motel beside it... I’d be taking one of those backpacker rooms at $20 if you end up staying there... there’s always bikers in and around the Port Fairy area...


    Found a picture of the Port Campbell Cafe/Bay area... sorry about the quality of these pictures by the way.. they’re a bit old etc


    Thanks for letting us share in your planning Beza... I've enjoyed going back through my pictures of different places around Australia.... beautiful country!

    i really like your planning and riding days... i've always said that you should do it like a normal working day... start time, morning smoko, lunch, avo smoko and knock off... i'm usually on the road by around 7am and looking for a place to stay around that 3 to 4 pm... the safest way to ride a tour..

    the last time i rode the GOR was coming back from Geelong to Warrnambool... it took me 5 hrs!!

    from Lavers Hill to around Niranda South is excellent riding... the roads open up a bit and you'll get high speed sweeping corners... high speed meaning 100khs... or a little bit more ;)
  19. it's a sand dredger messy... we spend 10s of thousands of dollars to dredge the bay every few years.. the sand gets dumped onto the shoreline and then gets washed back in by high tides... :-s

    we have like the stupidest city council ever i reckon... :roll:
  20. When I did the trip I did it cheap and went to the Port Fairy YHA on night one.