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Melbourne to Perth, to Darwin

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by BoogieMan, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Hey Y'all.

    Not been on in ages but I dont suppose anyone really cares about that :p

    I've been thinking of late, that with a few of my friends moving interstate (SA ,WA, NT....) that I may have to line myself up a nice long tour so I can finnally see our western state and head up north too!...

    However I then started to wonder about the logistics of a ride going from melbourne to perth, up the west coast thru Broome and accross to Darwin.... also weather or not the train from darwin to adelade (The Gahn I Believe) is one I can put my bike on... I also have to look at what seasons/months would be the best for riding/camping through those states...

    If anyone has any experience/recomendations for a trip of this nature I'd be happy for the info....

    oh and in a ball park idea what do we think it would take time wise... just for the travel... I'll counter in my visiting and looking around time myself.

  2. Maybe pm Haggisladdie - he's riding to perth as we speak from Melbourne - so could definately tell ya about that part of the trip...

    Not sure about the rest of it though...bit of a "Long Way Round' scenario but sounds like fun....
  3. Perth allow a week,if you really want to see the sth coast of WA.The most picturesque part.Recommendations-
    1-large capacity MP3 player :music:
    2-jerry can :beer:
    3-cruise control device :-w
    4-guns n ammo aplenty :eek:wned:
    5-just kidding on 4 :jerk:
  4. Re: Been thinking about it....

    I know that they put cars on, so I suppose bikes would be able to as well. You would want to make sure it is pretty secure though.
  5. I've driven over a couple of times (west to east).

    I can say that i actually enjoyed the trip very much. Yep its a bloody long way, but even when theres seemingly nothing to see, its still interesting. Def suggest that you take your time and actually stop and see things, otherwise the trip is boring as buggery.

    The jerry can would probably be needed on a bike, just to be safe, but its not required in a car. And realistically servo's are at most 2-300km apart.
  6. And charge really really cheap prices from what I understand too.

    I did well when I filled up my V6 VY Commodore yesterday morning at Tailem Bend on the way back from Adelaide and it said I'd get 1020km to empty out of the 75 litre tank, mind you once I started cruising at just over the 110 limit it soon dropped down to 880.

    God bless Cruise Control on long trips is all I can say.
  7. I agree with this completely, I have done Melbourne to Perth, then Perth to Darwin, then to Cairns and back in a car. The Perth to Darwin trip was the most boring leg. We never stopped and took our time though - minimum 1000k's a day, that generates the type of boredom that sends you insane on a trip like that.