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Melbourne to Mount Kosciuszko

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by chickenmanic, May 3, 2016.

  1. Hi all,
    I've recently had the craving to do abit more adventuring on my bike as of late, so i am thinking of trying to plan a trip over the queens birthday to see Mt Kosi (yes i know it could be dreadful weather but one can hope).
    Now since i live in south east melbourne i was thinking of heading north and then east to Kosi then maybe follow the coast down and follow it all the way to phillip island.
    Im just wondering if anyone has some tips on certain roads to and from to check out or avoid.
    Also since it will be my first time leaving the state if theres anywhere in NSW near Kosi i should check out.
    P.s. I ride a hyo gt650r and might be bringing a mate who has the 250 version so please no offroad adventures yet :)

  2. Given you have 2 Hyodungs, it's best to just stay close to home.
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  3. haha yes but one has already proven it can get up to queensland and back
  4. Ignore sourpuss above. Relatively few QB weekends see much snow despite it being the opening of the ski season. But it will be very busy up there due to the partying, and prices for accommodation on the actual mountains will be sky high, including Jindabyne. It will be very cold - you'll need to be watchful for ice in the mornings regardless of the weather. The roads will be crawling with enforcement that weekend but it may not bother you if you're planning to be sensible.
    You've got a few options to get up there, some are more ambitious than others.
    For your first big trip (in winter) I would avoid the more remote roads such as Elliot Way. Save those for summer. Some roads may be closed but the main ones (Alpine Way, Kosciusko Road, Snowy Mountains Highway) will be kept open.
    Keeping an eye on the weather I would go up the Alpine Way from Khancoban via Yea, Bonnie Doon, (Whitfield if you feel up to it). Myrtleford, Rosewhite, Running Creek, Tallangatta. There is a scenic side trip via Granya and Walwa if you don't mind a few tight corners.
    Return via Dalgety, Bombala (Delegate and Bonang if the weather is kind and you feel very ambitious). Try to bypass as much of the Princes Highway as you can, although some of it is unavoidable. Lindenow or Bengworden are alternatives, as are Heyfield or Yarram.
    There are numerous good roads through South Gippsland, maybe through Boolara, Thorpedale or Poowong on the way. Some of the really small roads do turn to sticky mud in the winter, not recommended.
    I suggest you research the ph numbers of towies, tyre shops and mechanics at strategic points just in case. I do this on all my group trips.
    And confirm the opening hours of critical fuel stops.
    Lastly, have a plan B in as many cases as you can think of. Stay warm, don't overdo it, and have fun!
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  5. listen to da man!!
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  6. Thanks for the advice titus, this is my first trip im planning to so every bit of advice is much appreciated ill show my mate the bits of road youve mentioned and i guess we will go from there :), ill also try to find out what roads will be blocked this season or could be, i feel kind of stupid as i forgot about the snow( never seen it before :(). more reasons to be careful i guess haha.
  7. It's also a reasonably long trip - I estimate around 1350km+ (450km and about 5-6 hours riding a day). But it's not OTT. Build up to it with a couple of long (400km) day trips to prepare.
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  8. Can I add to that by suggesting that perhaps you stay over somewhere and make it a two-day trip? (I'm guessing that's the basis of your figures, Titus??)
  9. well i thought it would be nice to go up for a day and spend the night in nsw so i was going to turn it into a 2 day at least thing(more time to enjoy the ride and scenery)
    and i was also thinking of going to wilsons prom and the 90 mile beach before i did this.
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  10. Mr Titus has provided some pretty good info for you.

    I always plan a trip with this in mind.... 'get to the furthermost point, without too much stopping (or mucking about), enjoy what is there, see what you want too, then head for home and if time permits enjoy a few stops along the way, or if your short on time by then, just 'b-line' it for home; as everything closer to your home, you can get to at another time'.

    Remembering that once in the hills, you will not be covering 100km each hour, so half that.
    Also, In NSW that weekend, it will be Double Dollars Demerits, so the plod will be out, especially up in the mountains. (Vic, is probably the same)

    Sounds like a good trip, enjoy it and don't forget the camera. :snaphappy:
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  11. I took it being Queens Birthday (long) weekend it would be a three day trip.
    I personally would not attempt it in two, although I know there are a few here who could. I know my limits.
    Dobbo is correct about double demerits, and WILL apply to a Victorian licence while in NSW.
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  12. Titus & the guys have provided some pretty great info already.

    I would say also, keep other accom in mind as a back up in case weather or mechanical issues happen. You don't want to scramble to trying a place to stay last minute. If it's just 2 of you I wouldn't discount AirBnb places. Ive used them quite a bit & are quality.

    Make sure you take plenty of appropriate clothing and have extra luggage space for those bulky items!

    Piccies once you've finished the trip pls!! (y)
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  13. +1 for this. I did this trip over Easter, 3 days. Overnights in Jindabyne and Lakes Entrance. Day 1 ride Melb to Jindy via Khancoban was a big day for me 650km.

    With the reduced amount of daylight in June and the much lower temperatures I think trying to do that circuit in 2 days is nuts, unless you're one of the ironbutt/farrider types.