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Melbourne to lose F1 Grand Prix???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. All over news.com.au today....

    So, Vic, what will you be doing that weekend after 2010 :LOL:.

    Seriously, though, we are such a small country I doubt we can afford the $40,000,000 fee for the rights to hold it, nor sustain the regular losses it brings to governments, who inevitably have to shore up the costs incurred??
  2. Melbourne won't lose the event, Australia will.

    The only way to save the event is for it to become a night race.

    I doubt the current Government will show enough interest in keeping the event therefore the big B will wave goodbye to Oz.

    The teams love the track but absolutely loath the fact that it's such a distant event. The travel is too long for them. They prefer to hop around Europe as it's all relatively close.

    What will I be doing??? sulking ;)
  3. they could always run a extra moto gp race there \:D/
  4. GP loss reports rebuffed by Walker and

    February 03, 2008 01:10pm

    THE Victorian Government and grand prix chief Ron Walker have
    rejected reports that Melbourne is in danger of losing its Formula
    One event.

    Mr Walker today said the race was viable, despite losing almost $35
    million last year, and it had widespread support to stay in Melbourne
    beyond 2010.

    He flatly rejected claims by F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone that teams and
    sponsors wanted the event axed from Melbourne and Victorian Premier
    John Brumby had withdrawn his support.

    "I don't agree with that at all, I speak to the teams regularly and they
    love coming to Melbourne, everybody loves coming to Melbourne,"

    Mr Walker told AAP.

    "The premier's been a great supporter of it, even in opposition ... but it
    has to add up in the eyes of the taxpayer."

    Australian motor racing chiefs considered hosting a night race to cash in
    on overseas audiences in a better timeslot but the move was ruled out.

    The race instead moved from 2pm to 3.30pm (AEDT), which Mr Walker
    said would attract tens of millions more television viewers.

    "I think that that compromise has been well accepted by Mr Ecclestone,
    but at the same time I think this is just his first shot over the bow in his
    negotiations with the government on the renewal of the contract,"

    Mr Walker said.

    "All things have a used-by date sticker on them and maybe the govern-
    ment might say, `look it's been with us for 13 or 14 years or whatever it's
    going to be and it's time for a change', but we don't know yet.

    "It's viable now because we have $135 million in economic benefit and we
    collect about $16 million in tax against a construction cost of $26 million,
    so it balances itself out."

    Mr Walker said the future of the Grand Prix was up to the Victorian govern-
    ment but scrapping the event from Melbourne would cost the state millions
    of dollars and massive worldwide exposure.

    Full Story: http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,23152446-661,00.html
  5. If it goes the tree huggers will crack a woody.. :LOL:
  6. What I hate is that the uneducated see the losses at the F1 and think that this relates to Motogp. Record crowds at the island should tell these people that because of the Aussie riders, Motogp has never been healthier in this country.

    I was under the impression that Motogp wasn't losing money like F1 and by grouping them together they are turning people against it. Then again I may be wrong but like I said Motogp has never been healthier in Australia. Formula 1 on the other hand sucks, give me the V8 Supercars anyday.

    Go Chris, Casey and Ant!!! :grin:
  7. I don't think its all over yet. Lindsay Fox is sinking $$$$ into the track at the Island. Wouldn't be too hard to set up a night race there.....

    I suspect that this is a bit of a song and dance to help move it to the Island. It's a bit of a coincidence that Fox is in VCAT right now trying to get approval for the 5 star trackside hotel.
  8. So night racing is to be the salvation of F1, is it? What next, then? Professional Wrestling in between practise sessions? Strippers on the grid while the cars are lining up? On-line pokies on the big screens when there's nothing going on on the track??

    Once you start cracking out idiotic schemes like this, you just know it's doomed.

    So here's a good idea.

    Get rid of ALL the electronic aids, and the aerodynamic fooforaw, and the stupidly-contrived pits stop stunts, and make these overpaid prima-donnas RACE each other.

    People will flock to watch.......
  9. What, you mean like this???

    The reason it makes a massive loss each year is because it needs to be built.

    It takes 6 weeks to build the circuit and about the same to break it down.
    The manpower is massive and so to are the bills.

    If they had bitten the bullet and opted for a permanent or semi-permanent track instead the losses would have been smaller annually.
  10. Personally I could care less if it left Melbourne/Australia, would be difficult but i'm sure I could care less, even a little bit. All in favour of the pro wrestling and strippers though, just piss the cars off :D
  11. Er...no, I didn't come up with that 'idiotic scheme', that was Big Bernie himself who said it would be a requirement to keep the F1's in Melbourne. Its got nothing to do with drawing in the local crowds. It's all about the TV rights and being able to broadcast the race during peak TV rating periods in Europe rather that in the middle of the night. Its all about the $$$$$
  12. Personally I think its a pain in the backside and haven't really enjoyed the F1's as much as I did in the turbo days with divers that had a bit of character unlike the boring sterile Hamilton's.
  13. OK, get rid of the F1 GP and put the money that it costs into setting up something more exciting.

    I envisage something along the lines of open wheeled single seaters, 5 litre unblown or 2 litre blown, no electronic handling/traction/braking aids, not much grip. Sufficiently loose chassis regs to allow innovation and experimentation. Ditto aerodynamics.

    Politically, outlaw team orders (every driver to race to win) and do something about the ludicrous levels of engineering secrecy seen in F1. Races and championships to be decided on the track, not in the courtroom.

    Oh yes, and the fast boys can start from the back of the grid. That should provide a bit of excitement :grin: .
  14. Most of you guys have missed the point.

    Refer to Vic's and others' posts regarding why a night time race is prefered.

    It's all about ratings and hence, advertising revenue.

    There is also the issue about the track. A few years ago around the time that PI was up for sale, there was a rumor of a new track being funded by the government in a PPP arrangement. So far it has not happened but the idea of say, redeveloping Calder Park into a world class F1 circuit (stuff it for bikes, we got PI for that) would allow quick and easy access to MEL airport. It has the infrastructure in place to handle the crowds, the transport, etc..

    That would make much better sense than perservering with Albert Park which may be a good track but it's too darned expensive to set up and break down each year.

    And there is the environmental issues surrounding this as well. Calder makes for a far better option.
  15. Absolutely MT. Calder should be redevloped into a world class track to accomodate for F1, maybe Indy, and a few other classes as well.

    Its close proximity to the hairyport is ideal for teams and the like but a pain for all the equipment. All of that stuff lands at Avalon.

    in 2001 I was in Malaysia for the F1 race. The locals there simply cannot afford to go to the race.

    30 minutes prior to the event, the doors are thrown open and the seats are filled to make it look good for the cameras and the audiences.

    This is a permanent track that hosts many international races.

    Melbourne has pretty much each and every seat sold. The only problem with Melbourne is the time zone.
    It makes for unfriendly viewing at 4am in Europe where the $$$ are.

    A night race here is Melbourne would be the best way to ensure the event stayed in Australia.
    I asked the wife to take me to Singapore, wine me and dine me for my 40th.[-o< Bless her, she said yes. :dance: :dance:
  16. Good Bye good ridance,Its obvious that the public in general dont care just got to look at attendance records droping every year.The only thing that will save it is a bunch of chicks from bangkok doing shows with small white balls ,ballons and darts after every 5 laps :shock:
  17. Are you always this ignorant?

    The crowds were marginally down last year due to the spat between CH10 and CH7 over the rights to the V8's.

    The yobbos boycotted the event due to the absence of the V8's.

    They are back this year and together with KISS playing at the Saturday night Concert. It's bound to be a huge round for F1. They will even make YOU happy with the grid boys for you to stare at :p

    Now that Foxtel are trasmitting CH10 on satellite I'll be a happy camper with live pauses and rewinds n stuff :)
    But I think I still deserve a mofo satellite dish to receive each and every F1 race live [​IMG]
  18. Isn't that what Eastern Creek was for???
  19. Bernie Ecclestone is a poofter.

    F1 = the same farken cars going around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around.

    If Australia was in danger of losing it, all we'd have to do is organise our own
    Make the cars as fast and awesome as you bloody want, race!
    And we'd have every manufacturer and TV station in the world knocking on our door to build a ridiculous car, and film it hitting a wall & catching on fire during a race.
  20. Yeah bring on Kiss that will help last time i seen them they were on a par with zz tops performance :p And i agree the v8 super cars are a better crowd drawer :wink: If it only looses 30 million dollars this year that will be good for victoria :grin: