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Melbourne to Cooma, suggestions please.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by robsalvv, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Any fun road suggestions on getting to Cooma from Melbourne?

  2. Avoid Albury-Wodonga.

    You're planning a ride?
  3. I think you'll struggle to find bad roads to be honest.

    Depends on time of year, and how quick you want to get there.
  4. Start from somewhere else.
  5. Unless you have the right gear forget about going through Thredbo and Jindabyne Try the coastel way through Orbost,then you have a choice of 2 ways,still cold though,when are you going.
  6. It will be cold :) How about THIS
  7. Point you bike to the north. Take the first left and continue westwards until you see the ocean. Then head northwards until you see another ocean. Then head east until you see another ocean. Then head south until you see the biggest mountains. That would be a fun ride.
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  8. Apparently the ride from Cann River up to Canberra via Cooma is really good.

    I don't mind the ride along the Princes from Pakenham to the border, not really many twisties but a lovely ride.
  9. Why would you avoid?
  10. I should have said, might be taking a 4 or 5 day bike trip somewhere late September. It should be warmer :)

  11. We will be riding to the Gold Coast from the 14th October if you want to tag along :)
  12. Have a fun ride, that wont fit my time line though.
  13. Mate, that looks like the ticket. I came up with a similar route playing around with google maps. I like yours better :)
  14. It has the Whitfield run, the Beechworth Bakery (Yum) ;) Granya Gap etc. Lots of fun. I am jealous. :)

    Cabramurra on the Tooma rd is pretty high, approx 1500M above sea level, maybe worth getting some local knowledge on whether it has snow.
  15. No Resch's on tap, or in any other form, last time I looked.
  16. Why would you want to go to Cooma? Unless for snowy ride....and to visit the nice locals in nearby ACT... :D
  17. Cooma,Jindabyne, Khancobain, corryong, Bright, Mt Hotham, Omeo,, Bairnsdale, Melbourne... Dress very warm, dont **** about as youll be riding all day..
  18. Melbourne - Mansfield - Whitfield - Myrtleford - Granya - Tintaldra - Tooma - Tumbarumba - Batlow - Tumut - Talbingo - Kiandra (duck into Cabramurra for a look too) then onto Cooma.

    This time of year, many of the Alpine roads may be closed at short notice so check with the parks authority.
  19. Cheers. :) I'm salivating with the possibilities. I've got late September pencilled in for a 4 - 5 day weekend. The weather should be brisk but kinder.