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Melbourne to Canberra - Which way?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by QuarterWit, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Hey All,

    Going up to the ACT to visit a friend.

    I'd usually try and stretch it over three days and do the Alpine area but no such luck this time. And it'd still be too bloody cold.

    Any suggestions as to which route to take? Leaving at 1000 after Uni and hopefully arriving the next day at around 1900 or so.

    Don't want to do the dreaded Hume. And I could do that in a day anyway.


  2. coastal roads?
  3. There's this:


    Which takes you to Delegate/Bombala from where you can head down Mount Darragh road to the coast. Then you have a choice of via Brown Mtn to Cooma or head up the coast (via Merimbula, Tathra and Bermagui is a good run) to Batemans Bay and up the King Highway (Black Mountain) to Queanbeyan.
  4. Princes Highway to Bairnsdale, Orbost, Cann River, then left up the Monaro Highway through Bombala and Cooma?
  5. Going via Noojee, Google estimates that as about 11 hours. Bonang option adds about 50 minutes and a little bit of dirt. That would also leave enough time for Imlay Road to Eden and back via Mt Darragh or Brown Mountain.

    Here's another option that shouldn't include any snow:
    Whitfield - Beechworth - Corryong - Tumbarumba - Tumut - Gundagai (Hume) - Yass - Canberra. Or Wee Jasper if you don't mind dirt.
  6. I would go out west from victoria, up through orbost or whatever it is called with the hundred kays of twisties, then head NW for a bit to hop the border, ride some nsw mountain twisties then the snowy mountains hwy up to yass then turn NE and cut over wee jasper and the uriarra/cotter region of west canberra.

    Wee Jasper is bloody great, yeah there is dirt, if i could handle it after 3 weeks riding on my little 250cc you should be fine.
  7. Check your compass. And map.
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone!

    Who woulda known - us netriders, between infighting and arguing about the police actually ride motorbikes? I'd do some map checking later tonight and will probably have some more questions... Danke!
  9. Ah i ment Omeo not Orbost.

    Here is the route i had in my head for the OP.

    sorry i mean east from victoria

  10. The Nariel route has a fair amount of gravel but it is in good condition. Well it was last time I was up that way about 18 months ago :)

    As this is a transit run I would suggest THIS which is all black stuff. :) But the other routes suggested are fun. ;)
  11. Benambra Road is nearly all dirt, just so you know.
  12. And which way from Yass?
  13. probably more like SE is it really important im sure the google maps makes it pretty clear, i was just giving a rough guide off the top of my head. In fact you dont even go to yass you turn off just before it. Anyway not really relevant to ops situation, he can check out my gmaps if he wants to follow the route i think is a good one.
  14. Anywhere along there you'd recommend staying for the night?

    Probably going with your route Unconnected - I'm a sucker for a well laid out gmap!
  15. make sure you take the omeo highway not the road i put you on out of omeo. as others have said, there is a lot of dirt. I ment to put you on the omeo highway.

  16. I did the trip a couple of months back, up the Hume, tells me 7 hours 43 but factoring in various stops along the way it ended up at about 9 and a half/10. Glad you have a mate there, cos i got there, and wondered why the hell i bothered. It has got to be one of the most boring places on the planet! Damn nice ride tho. Next plan is a 3 day sydney run.
  17. The coastals too long,straight up the hume
    and maybe come back the coastal.
  18. Beware, the Hume is a dark place that sucks the souls out of motorcyclists and uses them to fashion speed cameras. ;)
  19. I've got a couple of mates up there. One is an aircraft crash investigator, who has some pretty good stories (He calls them 'illegally parked aircraft') and a few more are in general public service jobs.

    I quite like Canberra and wouldn't mind moving there one day. I think that makes me a bad person.
  20. I love Canberra, there at the moment. Boring it may be but I'd take boring over the maniac of Sydney any day. Boring I am quite comfortable with. Give me a few mates in a quiet pub over some easy beers, boring suits me just fine.