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Melbourne to Cairns - any nice peoples out there?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. As I am heading off for a wander along the byways from soggy Melbourne to sunny Cairns, I thought I might put out the feelers for any kind souls who would be interested in offering a floor upon which to crash for a night on my way there or back again.

    I am wandering up and back over the next couple of months and choice of roads is to be dictated by which are the fun ones! So there is no set preference as to where I go... Just like life :LOL:

    Actually, I am photographing along the way, so any suggestions of absolute must-have images are defintiely welcome as well.

    I will be stopping in both BrisVegas and Cairns for a while, so would be great to meet up with riders there, have some fun, and explore some local roads. I'll let you know when I will be arriving and we can organise a coffee or something :)

    Oh what a life.... :D

    PS. For those who suffered Mitch in Brissie - it's ok, he's nuts, I'm just crazy... :p
  2. Ride safe Jarrah & I'm looking forward to the pics when you get back! I'll pm you my sisters ph no she's in the Beaudesert area in QLD!
  3. Hi Jarrah, Paul!
    Mitch stayed overnight in my guest room last week, and if you're any where near Wollongong and need a place to crash, you'd be welcome, it ain't grand but it's warm, comfy and FREE!!!
    pm me if you want my mobile#