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Melbourne to Brissy

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by spottedninja, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    I am planning on riding from melbourne to brisbane this friday. I need to over the state border by midnight due to my license suspension. Does anyone know if i can get fuel all the way to brissy assuming a max range of 250km. I would also like to know how the inland road compares to the coast road?

    Thanks in advace


  2. I'd suggest the coast road since the fuel stops are more frequent (though not sure if frequent enough for a 250km range). Many of the inland roads in NSW are also in a very poor condition (partly due to past flood damage, but mostly due to an unwillingness for the government to spend money outside Sydney).
  3. Do you mean the coastal road to sydney. Or from sydney to brisbane?
  4. Yep thru sydney is better. Ive done this before. Once thru dubbo and once thru sydney. Sydney has better roads and more servo stations although from sydney to brissy the servos are off the highway and less frequent.
  5. Sorry, coast road from Sydney to Brisbane - Hume from Melbourne to Sydney.

    It's far from the most interesting option but it's also the most popular which means more fuel stations, and better roads (just beware the ridiculous number of speed cameras between Melbourne and the border).
  6. Take hume to sydney then pacific from sydney to brissy via newcastle. Plan ur stops every 2hrs wc should be less than 200k every stops. Goodluck.
  7. I hope i dont get stranded with my 250k range.
  8. I am wanting to do it through the night. I hope servos are still open.
  9. U wont uf u plan ur stops. Get a map with 24hr servos mark on the map. No good to ride at night be safer in daytime. U will need to stop overnight its very long ride. We did 10hrs mlbrn to godsford. Sleep overnight and 9 hrs nxt day to brissy.
  10. I know BP has a station locator which gives opening hours for all their outlets, and would imagine other chains would have similar. Might be worth looking at what major towns are on the leg you're planning to do at night then checking to see what options there are.
  11. I do not think i will have an issue with being on the bike so long in one hit. I have done a few trips from alice springs to melbourne.
  12. Youre choice mate. Ride safe. We are actually doing this ride on tuesday and be in brisbane wed pm. Then thursday am to rochampton and be in mackay friday.
  13. If your doing via Hume Hwy then pacific hwy there will be plenty of stops. You largest battle will be the trucks. its 6-7 hours to Canberra from MLB about 3 to Sydney, I cant remember the Sydney to Brisbane stuff
  14. What do you mean my bigget battle will be the trucks?
  15. Melbourne to Sydney at night is a major Truck route so there will plenty of them along the way. Last time I did the night run I think my daughter counted 100 of them between Melbourne and Yass before we turned off to Canberra
  16. The beauty of the R1 is that passing trucks becomes painless. Just have to try to keep the speed at something reasonable whilst doing it.
  17. I think your biggest battle will be trying not to freeze to death...
  18. I will 2nd this mate. Night riding in the midst of truckies on the midnight run aint no fun.
  19. Get to Brizzy id go via, bainsdale, omeo, bright, mt beauty, tallangatta, khancoban, Jindabyne, cooma then up to Canberra... You can make Melbourne to Jindabyne, dawn to dusk...:applause:

    From Canberra go to Bungendore, Tarago, through Gulbourn and north to Oberon and into Lithgow...

    Lithgow to Kurrajong then turn left to Colo and follow Putty Rd to Singleton.=D>

    After Singleton I dont know..

    You should have nearly no police problems except for around Goulbourn. If the weather is good youll have the best ride ever... going the way I said and the weather is shit , youll be begging for a straight piece of road..](*,)
  20. I will let you guys know how i went saturday.