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Melbourne to Alice ride 27th Dec - 6th Jan

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by R3D L1NE, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. Chucked this in the general discussion but had no luck. Looking for riding buddies for a trip up to Alice. Taking the most direct route there and threading along the coast on the way back. Have route already planned. Happy to ride alone, but company would be cool.

    Hurry, as this may be the last opportunity to enjoy before they remove the open limit on their freeways!
  2. sounds like fun, wish i had something reliable to make the treck on!! hope you have fun dude, be interested in how the trip goes :)
  3. Could be fun let me think about it get back to you in a couple of days
  4. godspeed to you.
    hope you have a good trip..
  5. I should probably add a few details.

    I'll be making time to get to Alice before new years, travelling mostly on freeways, though if anyone knows any good roads along the way from Melbourne to Alice that I shouldn't miss, let me know. The average daily distance for the first three days is around 600km so I plan to be ready for a beer and a good lie down at the end of every day.

    The way back is a little more leisurely, averaging around 400km a day. I'll be heading straight south through Adelaide (I have family there I want to catch up with) and then pretty much following the coast all the way home.

    I plan to stay mostly in camp sites to keep the cost down (so I can drink more). I've checked the places I plan to stop at and know where all the camp sites are in most of them.

    That's about the most I can put down without putting out the travel itinery, hope this persuades a few of you to join the party! :grin:
  6. Trip so far.

    So I finally made it to Uluru, and I've learned a lot about touring. Lesson one, never try to do a trip like this on your own! I had a shockin' first few days, I lost half my luggage to poor packaging, and slipped on some loose rocks and dropped the bike.

    However the trip smoothed out after the second day and I haven't had any problems since then (I'm furiously touching wood right now).

    I clocked 240km/h on the way to Alice, so that's how fast the VFR will go. Despite the fact that this trip has cost about twice what I budgeted, It was worth it seeing as as of monday the legal limit is posted at 130km/h. Felt good cruising at those high speeds (I was mostly at around 170km/h) without constantly having to look over my shoulder for the fuzz. Of course my front tyre is now cactus (Flat in the middle) and my new rear tyre is going the same way, and I'll need to replace brake pads in Adelaide, but come on, 240km/h, and no worries!

    Will update you's on the rest of the trip when I get back, so happy new years!

    R3D L1NE.
  7. The rest of the trip was pretty uninteresting from a motorcycle point of view. Met a girl in Adelaide and ended up taking the freeway home so I could stay a couple of extra days, heh heh.