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Melbourne to Adelaide - where to stop overnight?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by QuarterWit, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Well, I guess I can do the scenic route in two days? Down the GOR and up the coast into radelaide?

    Any cheap accommodation or nice spots people would recommend to stay overnight?

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  2. why would you go to adelaide?

    surely you'd just ride right through :joyful:
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  3. Ha! Just haven't been there before - planning on a weekend away after exams, drink some wine, look at some churches, read a bit.

    Yeah, I'm exciting like that.
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    If you are going GOR, Mount Gambier is about half way. At normal times, plenty of cheap accommodation, but if you mean this weekend, accommodation hard to come by with the long weekend. Ring ahead.
    Big bike race meet this weekend (Pirelli Road Race Series at Mac Park).
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  5. +1 to Mt Gambier. Because it is a holiday town there is all range of accommodation and prices.
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  6. ^^^^^^ this
  7. If you are coming during winter, don't be shy about haggling room prices. I used to own a motel here, and weekend occupancy is low June - August, mainly reps during the week (apart from June long weekend and School hols). Motels 3/4 empty most Sunday nights. Not many large events scheduled this time of year due to to our crappy weather.
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  8. Not heading out for a week or two yet.

    So mount gambier it is! Not too ambitious to make that in one day with an early start via the GOR?
  9. Yep, easily achievable QW, I'm planning on doing a 5 day trip to Adelaide to spend some time in the hills later in the year, hugging the coast most of the way over. Aiming to stay at Nelson, to allow going through Port Macdonnell the next day.

    Enjoy your trip.
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  10. Also doing a ride later in the year via GOR to SA, probably 5 days, would be interested to hear about your trip & tips you may have :)
  11. I'm planning a trip the opposite way for me and about ten guys. I've done to mt gambier then GOR to Phillip island twice now
  12. I definitely agree with Ned the coast and Coorong route is the best for motorcycles. Use the ferry to cross the Murray at Wellington for something a bit different. No charge for the ferry it is considered public road. Then swing down on to the Fleurieu peninsula. Either the Range rd or the Inman Valley Rd for a bit of fun.
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  13. Mt Gambier it is then.

    What's fuel like on the way out? Only have around a 180km range on my Bonnie.
  14. Google maps is your friend. Can look all that stuff up and plan
  15. I know, but I'm lazy.
  16. If you only have a range of 180 ks you can't afford to be lazy, do ya homework now ya galah :)
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  17. The Coorong run is boring as.
    Better off cutting up through Casterton--thats a nice run.
  18. What and miss the Coorong mullet and chips for lunch ?
  19. Yes ,but stay overnight at Casty-never know your luck with the swamp donkeys.
  20. Coorong doesn't look too bad - seems pretty straight but I figured it'd be scenic, running near the ocean?