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Melbourne Textile Suit Repairs (Goretex and Nylon)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by KLR Nirvana, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Just in case anyone needs this service, I had a great experience getting my textile riding suit repaired last year.

    The place is called Remote Equipment Repairs - Level 3, 373 Little Bourke Street. Melbourne ... (03) 9670 2586 ... www.remoterepairs.com.au.

    They are nominally a camping gear repair shop, but they repair and modify all manner of goretex and nylon / cordura clothing, tents and other camping accessories. They hadn't done bike gear before, but they had absolutely no problems doing a repair on my riding pants (Dainese all-weather cordura pants with a goretex liner).

    Remote Equipment Repairs are actually the ONLY goretex repairers in Australia endorsed by Goretex themselves ... so if your suit contains goretex you know it will be in good hands.

    The repair was done for a very reasonable fee - time and materials it came to about $100. Certainly beats paying $450-odd for a replacement pair of pants. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful and their work was A-1.

    I would definitely recommend them and use them again for any repairs, mods or even construction of custom-made gear.