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Melbourne/Tasmania Stopover

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by JustCruisin, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. So I'm a 23 year-old P1 individual riding down to Melbourne & Tasmania from Sydney most likely this coming Monday & I was wondering if anyone that live down there is organising or joining up with a planned motorcycle ride somewhere as I'd like to meet some netriders looking to do a ride soon & maybe show me around if possible (or not). This will be my first time visiting these states & cities. Any ideas, please let me know. Cheers.

  2. Tasmania in winter, you masochist. ;) How long are you in Melbourne before you head off to Tassie?
  3. Melbourne will be from the 29/07 till 31/07 only because I booked the Spirit of Tasmania for five days starting from the 31/07 & then back to Melbourne from the 05/08 until ??? I get bored of the place & then head home via a stopover at Wodonga to meet up with a friend.
  4. If you are here over a weekend you should be able to catch one of the weekend rides. During the week there are people off work you may be able to catch.
  5. As for yourself, are you doing anything?
  6. Wednesday looks like a dry forecast. I could come out Wednesday I think if you like.
  7. Only if you feel like it. Send me a private message and I'll give you my number.
  8. Plan your trip carefully. We have snow and ice on the roads here today. There's a few road closures so it will pay to check before you head off. Hope you have heated grips, fit them now if you don't, you are gonna be needing them. Expect similar conditions for the next week or so, at least.
    Advocate weather alert
  9. I have had some jobs booked today for Wednesday I am afraid. Can probably make Thursday at this stage. I will PM. What side of town are you staying on?
  10. I don't know. Will have to find a place to stay & then let you know then.
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  11. Get ready for conditions as low as 3°. The rest is easy
  12. route from syd to melb? or just winging it? If you can avoid it don't ride the slab of doom. aka the hume from wodonga to Melbourne.
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  13. Reason being? I just wanna take the fastest route if I can.
  14. because it is dangerously boring.

    Wodonga-beechworth-Mansfield -whitfield-yea-kinglake-Melbourne.

    That's my route.
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  15. Its not *too* bad... Considering busting out the big girl for the hoon to work tomorrow morning...
  16. I'm staying at St Kilda at the moment.
  17. Sorry for the short notice. If you can't do today, we can leave it till I come back to Melbourne next week.
  18. Might have to be next week, I haven't been able to get away this week.