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Melbourne Suzuki sales/servicing recomendations

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Bogus69, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. I'm in North Carlton and am looking for a good Suzuki shop to do business with.
    I would go test ride at PS and buy somewhere else, or maybe buy at PS and service somewhere else but I would prefer to build a relationship with 1 store.

    Also, I haven't completely rulled out Honda yet. Currently I go to Redwing. any stores better than them?
  2. I am also thinking of looking for a Suzuki as well, just can't force myself to visit Peter Stevens after all the negatives I have read on this site.

    Look forward to the replies in this thread.
  3. www.racewaysuzuki.com.au

    Only been in there once, but they were most helpful and friendly. Also looked to carry good stock.
  4. That site sucks, nothing works.
  5. Yeah... I read the other thread about them and felt 50/50 about them from the comments. TBH the servicing side is more important to me than the sales side.
  6. I bought my Suzuki sv650s from Mick Hone in Box Hill, I dont think they're a suzuki dealership (am not the most observant person when it comes to stuff like that) - but the service was great, they also serviced my bike for me - were most accomodating and to be honest with you, I think I would continue to use them in the future for all servicing etc...

    Thats just my opinion - but I havent heard a bad word about Mick Hone from anyone I've spoken to... :grin:
  7. Thanks! it's the SV650s that I am thinking of :)
    Can I ask how many KM's you get from a full tank until reserve? and what year is your one?
  8. What gives? didn't you just get the xx?
  9. Mine is the 2001 model...its a beautiful bike...!!

    I knew what I wanted and was with a mate at Mick Hone where my dream bike was sitting, and I've gotta admit I'm completely satisfied with my purchase :grin: :LOL: :grin:

    I get around 210kms I think before the light comes on to tell me I'm running low - and then Ziggy told me its approx 40kms until run out...so no major rush to get to the servo... :grin:
  10. It' almost 18 months old and only 10,000 k's, just considering some alternatives.
  11. VL800

    Interested in a good dealer myself. Ride a VL800.... East subs or city.
  12. For buying a suzuki, u could try mich hone in box hill. Have heard good things about them.
    For servicing a suzuki, try suziworld. They do bikes. JUst got back mine, and had a sevice, tune, and fix up broken bits for a very very very good price and the people there were great.
  13. I just picked up my new GSR600 from Raceway Suzuki today. The service there was good from all staff in the store. I went there in january to buy an SV650 but walked out and bought a Hyosung GT650R from A1 in ringwood as the trade in Raceway ofered was a joke and the salsman was rude. A1 had great service when buying but when I picked the bike up I was very disapointed and never went back there for servicing. I have been to Mick Hone and was impressed with all the staff there. I was on my way to Mick Hone to buy the GSR but Raceway is alot closer to me and on the way so I decided to give them another chance and they performed well. I just hope their service department can perform. I also went to the Suzuki/Honda dealer in Hoppers Crossing and found the staff not very helpfull at all. I work just around the corner from Peter Stevens city store and did not even consider buying from them as the staff have never been all that good in the accessories department. I shold have given them a go but did not. In the end you will have to go to the dealers and find the one that you like the best as we are all different and have different expectations. You never know it might just be Peter Stevens that is the best for you.

    Good luck with your search.
  14. Go see Mick Hone's.All them guys know their chit,recommend them any day.Luke the mechanic learnt off a guy called Denis,a cantancurous ol bastad who knew his bikes inside out.Now the apprentice has become the master obiwan.
  15. When I was shopping earlier in the year-

    Raceway - were great and got my business, and have been great since.

    Suzuki in Hoppers Crossing - not very helpful at all, and most expensive, was outta there in 5 mins.

    Peter Stevens(city) - couldn't get a salesman to give me the time of day.

    Pratt & Osborne (Geelong) - would have been second in line for my business, helpful and a good price.

    If you're just after service, Balls Performance are supposed to be the place to go in the West.

    Good luck! :)
  16. Thanks all.

    I have been in to Mik Hone and rang Raceway.
    Was dissapointed to hear that they don't have test stock of the SV650s but the guy at Mick Hone has a traded in one that I can try, so thats something.

    Hopefully I'll get out there today for a spin.
  17. Enjoy the ride. Ziggy at Mick Hone is a great bloke to deal with. You'll be happy with the experience and I hope you like the bike. :)
  18. Mick Hone all the way..and yes geordielass...they are a suzuki dealer!! :LOL: :LOL: You're the best!! No name dropping for you!!
  19. How dense am I...hehe... :oops:
    At least you understand my mad mind and how it works :grin: :LOL: :grin:
  20. Like Twingirl, Mick Hone all the way. Can't emphasise how good their knowledge and service is. PS tried to convince me that the burgundy coloured GSXR I liked was a GSXR1000 when all it was that they didn't import that colour here. Ziggy just gave me a brochure that pictured the bike then he gave me good deals, first with the SV650S and now with the 750. Love the way they leave you alone after they greet you and you just want to browse through their stuff. Spare parts guys are great too.