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Melbourne Storm

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. cheeeeaaaaaaaattttttttttssssssss

    no competition points for 2010
    stripped of 2 premierships
    stripped of 3 minor premierships
    pay back prize money of 1.1 million

    they copped it up the arse big time

    i see them folding after this
  2. News Limited Coonts!! Suck the Shit

    Opens the easy door for Dragons to walk over the rest of the comp!! woot!
  3. All Sydney teams will be chucking a party. It would be hard to survive after this. I feel sorry for all the loyal fans.
  4. Brand new stadium about to open too...

    News Ltd boss doing a good job of feigning outrage. Let the witch hunt begin.

    Interesting to see how the team goes on-field now.
  5. Link?
  6. They deserved what they got for cheating.

    The NRL was pretty brutal to the Bulldogs a few years back. I'm surprised a team would try it on again.
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  8. every paper smee, all the main stories on news channels also

  9. amazing isnt it, money is evil
  10. Meh, it's bum sniffing
  11. Hey Goz, I'd have thought you would have some symathy considering the bulldogs chequered past.

    Bit of a shame for the Storm and the NRL, as they were building a great fan base down in Melbourne. That's all down the drain now. AFL will be happy about this.

    I wonder if the raiders can snare some of the storm players. We could do with a decent hooker and halfback. Smith and Cronk would do pretty nicely. :) Fat chance of that happening I suppose.
  12. So much for the 'National' Rugby League. Corporate greed and the desire by the governing body to plant the game in a place where it was like a skunk in a perfume shop must surely take some of the blame.

    You'd like to hope that Rugby League would return to being a NSW and Queensland game with lots of teams in Sydney and Brisbane, but that's not going to happen.
  13. Prez, dogs punishment seems petty now compared to this, i see other clubs getting caught out also

    off for a ride, hooroo
  14. The Rugby League experiment worked well in Victoria due to a large expat community and winning. Winning is the key for any new team being set up in a foreign area. Look at the concessions being given to Western Sydney and Gold Coast Implants should hopefully stop this kind of rorting in the AFL.

    This is what happens when we put people under too much stress to win.

    I hope Storm survives and that other clubs that have got away with it up until now stop rorting the system.
  15. Wow, this cant be good for league. I think the punishment is too severe considering most clubs are rorting it somehow, which asks the question is the salary cap a good thing. I hope the loyal storm fans stay strong through the um.. storm.

    My tip is Parramatta will be next. How that team keeps so many stars is questionable in my opinion.
  16. Pretty limiting though, isn't it? Without national TV you can't attract real national sponsors and without big sponsors you don't get the big stadiums and all the glitz that goes with it. A two state game could struggle against a 5 state game that does reasonably well(ish) in the 2 foreign states.

    Looks to me like the NRL, in an effort to be tough might just have killed off their expansion plans.

    BTW, looks like even the people policing the investigation might have been a little naughty themselves. In The Age today there was a little article about some betting that took place that listed the Storm as taking the wooden spoon this year. Considering the were doing quite well at the time and the size of the bets, they withdrew the bets from the system to stop any more betting as things didn't look quite right. So some hours later they are effectively handed the spoon on a plate.....
  17. No they weren't.

    Their membership is DOWN 11% this year. After winning a grand final? And the eels are up 90% and the bulldogs 80%? Fat chance, the club was going down the gurgler they were still running at a loss and couldn't find a buyer. There is no live friday night game being shown in the WHOLE STATE. You have to go to one of half a dozen pubs and watch a feed patched from the NT. There isn't room for a team in Melbourne. They've had 10+ years and it's failing.

    I can hardly think you can compare the storm to Parra. Storm are full of internationals and origin players. Parra have a few, but certainly no Smiths, Cronks, Slaters or Inglises (Ingli?) Hang on.. four bets were placed this morning?
  18. When the Mighty Eels lost the Premiership I said they were robbed.

    I was right :)
  19. The inability to score points will be the real killer this year I'd say.
  20. Yeah, the dead rubbers ain't going to do anything for the game.

    How many games do you think Storm will win this year?