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Melbourne Storm V Brisbane Broncos

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. This Friday evening at Olympic park.

    Kick off is 7.30pm

    Tickets are $20, $25 or $32 + 1 x $4.50 booking fee

    I was looking at the $25 seats on the East side of the ground as they are closer to the 50 than anything available on the Western side.

    Question is, anyone wanna go and see this match?
  2. Sorry Vic,
    I can hear an echo in hear from all the non visiting people..... so you might not get a reply! :wink: :p
  3. if only this showed up in thje last 15 topics :p:p:p

    There has to be one league fan that wants to go :(
  4. i would normally but budget is tight this week as i am off to state of orgin....

  5. Gee give people a chance to log on.
    Most "normal" people are tucked up in bed asleep when you posted this last night.

    By normal I mean non shift workers or people who have a life and don't spend it surfing the web.

    Oh by the way, no engine or wheels so I'm not interested but thanks for the invite.
  6. I would have but I'm picking up a mate at the airport Friday - and while he's a serious league fan he's from Canberra and wouldn't spit on either the Storm or the Broncos :LOL:
  7. July 3rd 2006

    The birthday of the still-born thread.......
  8. Normal people??
    whatever happened to dedication :LOL:

    I posted it, I slept, I went to work, I came home for breakfast, I posted again.

    Ample time for people to respond :p

    I'm going to the SOO on Wed night, so my parents are looking after the kidletts and Jill aint working.

    Friday however is another story, Jill is at work till 9pm, my parents are busy friday and cant baby sit. :(

    ah well...........