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Melbourne Stores

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Makybe05, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Hey im going to Melbourne on the weekend to watch some footy, i thought i might drop into on of the bigger motorcycle stores when i get a chance. Does anyone recommend any stores where i could try some stuff on in the cbd? I know theres one near Burke Street, well i think so anyway :) Ah well you guys will have a better idea.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Elizabeth St is the strip mate.
  3. Elizabeth Street! (as if every rider in the universe didn't know it's the oldest motorcycle precinct in the world :roll: )
    Not a shadow of its former glory, though.
    You might actually find a better range in the cluster of shops around Maroondah Highway Ringwood, It's quite a long way out of town, but you could get there on the train in less than an hour.
  4. So all along there? Any 'best' shop in particular?
  5. There's a couple of "darkened" shops is Swanston St that might appeal to a young fella too :p Watch out for sticky seats (so I'm told)
  6. Na i wouldn't have that much time, were watching Friday nights game then ill have the morning to look around the watching sat arvo's game then driving home, so were a bit rushed. So the CBD looks the go, from now until then ill have to perfect my haggling skills though :p
  7. Really, the only one that's got an enormous range nowadays is Peter Stevens. The Yammy place next door has a small range of gear, Bike Barn two doors away has a bit of gear, but only seems to sell sell scooters now.
    In the next block south is Mars Leather, which custom makes fairly traditional stuff (plus a few other things), and another scooter shop with some gear.
    One block north of Peter Stevens on the opposite side is a Kwaka deaker with a decent range, and Quincy's is down the side lane a few metres. Two blocks north of Peter Stevens is a group of small shops selling mostly second-hand bikes and a little bit of gear.
    That's about it, really. Quite a lot of the small ones close soon after noon on Sat.
  8. Yea ill be around there on Sat morning so i should be right. Can you use whereis? or google maps or something like that to locate these stores? That would be real handy :)
  9. They're all within 2 or three blocks of the corner of Elizabeth and Lonsdale streets (up and down Elizabeth).
    Depends what your looking for, whether you'll have any luck.
    There's also a bloke sells gear in Victoria Market (500m away) on Saturdays, but it'll take you all morning to find him in that rabbit warren :p
  10. where are you staying? they are just near melbourne central station. (come out the elizabeth st exit and PS is behind all the harleys)
  11. checkout peter stevens, they often have some stocks to clear. i bought a alpinestar jacket (fabric) for only $150.. they have gloves and boots for sales as well.

    if you looking for 2nd hand, then i reckon ray quincey at lt latrobe st just off elizabeth st will be a good bet as well.