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Melbourne Severe Rain & Wind 30/09

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Layzie, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. Take care riding home or to your destination Melbourne riders. Severe rain and wind has hit us hard today from 3PM http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/warnings/road.shtml

  2. hmm....its nearly home-time and I am contemplating my options.....
  3. Power and traffic lights out across some suburbs, apparently.
  4. Hmm....

    Might wait the storm out at the office... Luckily home is not far.
  5. Reports a temporary building has collapsed onto the footpath at the Grocon site in Swanston Street, where two people were killed by a falling wall. Hopefully it missed the pedestrians this time, but Grocon will be in huge strife.
  6. Again? Is that still a Grocon site? Yeah hopefully no one got hurt there.
  7. Doppler images on the BOM website suggest that it is calming down in the west now....so another 30-40 minutes and it should be right...
    1. Don't believe the met forecast when you leave home in summer gear to nip into town
    2. Don't leave your rain suit at home, 'cos you'll be home before the forecast change
    3. Don't leave your winter gloves at home, same same
    4. Riding home in driving rain and crosswinds strong enough to change lanes for you, don't remind yourself that just yesterday you changed visors and don't have the Pinloc fitted
    5. When the traffic thins out, don't be surprised that it's actually still there, but you can't see it because the visor is totally fogged up (see 4.) and so are your glasses
    6. Sheltering under the bridge is for girls
    7. Sheltering in the service station is for girls
    8. Real riders overtake the nanny cagers who are only doing 80kph because their wipers can't cope
    9. Real riders don't look at the choice of single malts when they get home and the rain stops and the sun comes out
    10. 12 year old Dalmore is the weapon of choice tonight :D
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  8. it did end up being a tame ride compared to what i heard while sitting in the office just a few hours before i rode off....hope none of us had any unplanned adventures on the road last evening.....
  9. Perks of commuting on a motorcycle in Melbourne... :wtf:
    Never know what weather you're gonna have to prepare for
  10. I got caught up in the worst of it riding to work from a friends place near Deer Park. Couldn't be bothered taking the freeway so I took Ballarat Rd all the way to Epsom Rd. Did however have to carefully filter through the traffic that backed up nearly all the way to Moore St.

    The joys of living in Melbourne with the bi-polar weather.
  11. Yesterday is why you should get out in the rain and the wind on your terms. IE your home, it starts raining, put the gear on and get out in it.

    Eventually you are going to get caught in conditions like yesterday afternoon and it far better to have some experience under you belt than not.

    Had a lovely unplanned lane change on Springvale road yesterday around 4 pm........ Think the cars behind me got quite a shock :)

    Cheers Jeremy
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  12. I fully agree with that Jem.

    Melbourne being Melbourne, you could set out for a ride on what would appear to be a nice day at first, but then the rain rolls half way through the ride.

    Being able to ride in all weather conditions will also in my opinion my you a much better driver behind the wheel of a car.

    The number of dumb and stupid things people do in cars when it's raining no longer surprises me.
  13. Is pin lock safe for night time? I have a clear one but on the label it says not to use in low light conditions. I can't see how that is a problem? Because it is not tinted.
  14. @Amila@Amila I have been using a pin,ock for the last 3 years at night no issues at all.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  15. Ahh ok Thanks. I'll install it. :)