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Melbourne roads suck

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nakkas, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. I am sick of inefficient Melbourne roads. I've driven in different states and countries and I find Melbourne's to be absolutely pathetic.

    My reasons. Speed camera's. Speeding ridiculously is bad, but whilst strict speed enforcement may seem a good idea in theory, it has a ripple effect which sucks for the roads. People now drive along at 10km/h under the speed limit in both the left and right lanes of roads. Countless times, I've been sandwiched behind slow moving vehicles (sometimes trucks), putting along slowly in the wrong lane.

    Most other countries and states (at least NSW/QLD), it's fine to go 10km/h under the limit, as long as you're in the left lane.

    If it weren't for the ridiculous policing and hefty fines, I doubt people would be travelling so damn slowly everywhere.

    Also, the condition of the roads. The roads are a piece of crap. Pot holes, roughness and seemingly infinite roadworks achieving nothing. If only more roads could be as smooth and nice to drive on as many other places.

    Lack of indicating. I've started to witness much more of this, drivers failing to indicate anywhere, whether it be entering a turning lane, changing lanes or approaching a roundabout.

    When two people are facing opposite sides of the roundabout with no indicator, it's safe to assume both will go forward, I've had so many occasions of nearly being cleaned up by a right turner who failed to indicate. Or been cut off by someone just swinging into my lane, often on numerous occasions.

    It's probably the obsession with speed which is causing the deterioration of drivers. Driving safely has got more to do with staying at 55km/h in a 60 zone, which was previously an 80km/h zone. A speed limit which has only been thrust upon it due to political reasons which seem good on paper.

    Enough of a rant.. As a rider who's nearly been cleaned up on many occasions and been involved in 2 accidents within 5 months (neither of which my fault). I take bad drivers personally.

    Anyone with me?
  2. the physical condition of our roads also seems to be exceptionally bad compared to other states. Canberra has beautifully smooth roads. Our trams, although great public transport, seem to do a lot of damage.
  3. Roads aren't that bad up north and in the west of Melbourne...must be the easter suburbs :p

    Drivers in other states also fail to indicate as well...and do stupid things, not just Victorians...

    Though I do agree with you on the people driving at 10km/h short of the speed limit, especially on the freeway. 3 lane freeway (western ring road) and all are going 90 in each lane...causing impatient drivers to server left and right to get ahead.

    I did see on the Ring Road/Princess Hwy/Westgate interchange, some reckless driver in a blue banged up car nearly taking out a motorbike rider...who had to brake hard and swerve out of the way before being collected...then the rider proceeded to point out to the driver to open his eyes using hand movements...then lane splitting between trucks.

    All in all...drivers should be taught to keep their eyes peeled on the road and government to spend their revenue raising for driver training.

    phong =P~
  4. One thing I will say in defence of Melbourne's roads is that they're some of the widest around, which makes lane splitting easier. Plus there's the footpath parking thing. But yes, in general, if you can ride on Melbourne roads, you can ride anywhere in the country.
  5. I'm with you Shounak :mad:

    But we can't blame Melbourne's drivers for slowing down to sometimes dangerously low speeds. Mosst people are too damn scared of being pinged for being a couple of K's over the limit, so they watch their speedo instead of concentrating on what's happening around them. The problem with drivers now is that they think that their speedo is an instrument that measures how safely they are driving instead of driving to the road conditions.

    Victoria - The Revenue State :LOL:

    Depite that, I still love the place :grin:

  6. kenoath, if you're on a bike you shouldn't be 'stuck' behind anyone in Melbourne.
  7. I can only guess when it comes to road conditions, that you are not including NSW in those "Other States" because as a general rule there roads SUCK!!!
  8. I have to agree with the general trend of poor drivers. But then again, you just have to look at the frustration levels after being stuck on a freeway carpark for 2 hours :shock: Lack of indicators is a big bug bear of mine. I indicate all the time, I don't see what is so hard about other drivers doing it.
  9. I refuse to go anywhere near busy area's during peak hours in the car. I used to spend 3 hours daily in peak hour I am never doing that shit again
  10. Agh yes, and with the recent spate of fatalities the TAC has announced yet another program against speed, even though a Police Officers comment on one of the worst of them was "Speed may have been a partial contributor." He obviously didn't believe it. Then there was another where a tyre blew out, on a small car, but they were investigating speed.

    It isn't that speed can't be a contributor, but it is annoying that it is always mention when other contributors are not. Perhaps the tyre blew out because the car hit a pothole, or it was bald?

    Anyway, you think our roads are bad? Go to Nepal, and drive from Kathmandu to Pokara :!: Or drive around India. [Sorry, if you aren't lying about your age of 20, then you haven't seen anything.] :grin:
  11. I've driven/ridden in India and I've been to Nepal. I've driven in most Aust states during my Learners and got my International Driving Permit 1 month after my licence and have hit the roads in quite a few countries.

    Of course I haven't gone everywhere by 20, but I think I've seen more of the world than your average 20 year old.

    I'm comparing Melbourne roads to the first world. Compare German roads/drivers to Australian. Both first world countries. No comparison..
  12. since I put a gps in the car I notice my speedo is about 8k out at 100. ie 100 on the speedo is actually 92. there now seems to be two groups of drivers, those that rely on their speedo and drive well under the limit and those with gps that are much closer (the lady in the box grumps when you go over!)
  13. the speed camera issue is a really pain in the rear, My ride every morning goes along a well know speed trap and people are so caution it boreders on absolutely ridiculous. Also if they see the trap they brake and drive even slower.

    As for the roads I travel mainly north west and freeways cant complain but I know every bumb along the calder though :<

    As people awareness I found people to be pretty good, I get those days when people are just not with it.
    those are the days you take extra care and try and keep away from drivers if possible.

  14. I beg to differ. Adelaide is notorious for having poorly signposted streets. If i am looking for a certain cross road in an unknown area, I would be fair in saying that there'll be a warning sign beforehand indicating that this "named" street is coming up, but many times in Adelaide you'll go right past the certain crossroad none the wiser, because of the lack of proper signs. Frustrating, especially when it is a Sunday morning and the streets are all clogged with damn church traffic. :evil:
  15. obviously you havent driven in Darwin??
    vehicles in darwin are shipped up there with the indicators being just a pretty light on the side of the cars headlights and brakelights

    and stay left unless overtaking???
    in Darwin its stay right unless overtaking.

    personally once I got used to the huge amount of vehicles on the road then I was used to riding in after moving to Melbourne from Darwin I find the driving to be of a much better standard then alot of places I have been.

    Oh by the way we have lived in every state of Australia as well and except for the indicators and right lane issue I find Darwin to be the easiest place to drive, no road rage as such and no traffic congestion.
    BUT for a capital city I find melbourne to be pretty easy to ride around.

    each to their own I guess, just makes us better riders by keeping our eyes open and remaining alert.

  16. Same Tracy
    Mind you it was quite a few years ago I was in Darwin , around the time your namesake blew into town .
    Melbourne I didn't find as 'difficult' as Adelaide actually, which is like melbourne ten years ago, and the roads in Adelaide are worse condition tham Melbourne . Sydney roads are ' What The' , and I think are in worse condition that Melbourne and definetly crazier. Bus drivers up there think they are driving sports cars or taxis or something.

    I dont see the beef with Melbourne at all actually when comparing to Adelaide and Sydney - both which I rate worse,
  17. Spot on - Sydney roads are terrible, i cannot believe the condition of main roads such as Parramatta Road, Victoria Road, Lane Cove Rd etc... The funding to repair these pothole ridden deathtraps is obviously being pushed into some other project... Possibly catering to the whims of certain International Leaders at their stupid little conventions :roll:
  18. Oh k8 my dad always said that cyclone was named after me :LOL:
    I agree with Adelaide, granted I havent driven in Adelaide for awhile but I swear over there they use to pull out in front of you to slam on their brakes to turn right. Grrrr

    and Sydney well......we all know what Sydney can be like LOL

    but hey like I said it all makes us better riders and Melbourne is definately better than most.

  19. Have to say, I found melbourne roads quite good while I was living there and driving everyday.

    Did notice the inability to indicate and also the lack of courtesy. You get that everywhere, but it seems to be worse in melbourne.

    I feel that if it's too challenging for you to drive, and operate the indicator at the same time, then you probably shouldn't have a licence.
  20. probably off topic..but i just came back from sydney and their roads are shithouse...not well planned, potholes etc...melbourne's roads are 100% better IMO