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VIC Melbourne Riders and non riders needed for market research

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Flipper, Sep 6, 2011.

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  1. Hi Everyone, I run a market research business from home and currently I have a Market Research group I am trying to fill that might interest some of you.
    I need Males who have a FULL motorbike licence!
    Come and have your say about riding motorbikes. 2 hour sessions to be held at a venue in StKilda on the evening of Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th.
    All participants will receive $80.
    Monday 12/9 at 6pm: Males aged 30-40 who currently own a motorbike.
    Monday 12/9 at 8pm: Male aged 35-70 who currently owns a non jap bike (1 spot left)
    Tuesday 13/9 at 6pm: Males aged 21-24 who currently own a motorbike.
    Tuesday 13/9 at 8pm: Males aged 25-30 who currently own a motorbike.
    We are keen to include a mix of different brands of motorbikes across the groups. Please include the motorbike you own and ride in your response.
    If this interests you, please go to www.flippersmarketresearch.weebly.com and fill in a registration form. In the 'where did you hear about us' section, please put Netrider. In the comments sections, please put the bike you own and ride.
    You can email me at flipsresearch@optusnet.com.au with any questions.
    Sorry ladies, this particular groups only asks for males but there are many many groups for the ladies if you are interested

  2. Done. Market research is usually interesting. I'll fall into Tuesday 13/09 at 6.
  3. Cool, I will give you a buzz James
  4. Hi Flip, why are they not interested in motorcycle riders over 30 WHO CURRENTLY RIDE, surely the research would be tainted or are they just looking at Testestorone levels?
  5. So I'm 49 and would have to sell my bike before I can come..... Yeah right....lol
    Good luck with it all Flipper..
  6. Nobby, they have a group for 30+ riders, however it is full.
    Joe, thanx :)
  7. ...signs of a mid life crisis ;) :p :bolt:
  8. Let me know if you ever want any males on their probationary license.
    By full license do you mean unrestricted license, IE no learner restrictions, or do you mean full license as in full license, no learner restrictions and 0.05 BAC? Because I'm on my green P's so my license is unrestricted other than BAC.
  9. we outnumber the youngbloods woohoo ... thanks Flip
  10. The 30+ group filled very quick Nobby.
    Kernal, if you have a full licence apart from BAC, you may qualify.
  11. Could you find out please? thanks
    edit: nvm just realized that I am under the lowest age bracket
  12. There has been a cancellation so I now need a male aged 35-70 who owns a bike. Any takers? If so, refer to original post.
  13. Refer to the original post, I will need to give you a call to run you thru the screener questions to see if you qualify.
  14. never mind, I just realized that I am under the minimum age bracket.
  15. Flip, what time on Tuesday?
  16. that green plate on your bike would indicate a probationary license too, not full license

    restrictions is a different matter under LAMS, not related to full/probationary license
  17. 21, full bike license but still p'd, what are my chances?
  18. Go to the original post and click the link and fill in a reg form. I'll give you a buzz cause there is a group on the Tuesday at 6pm that you may qualify for.
  19. Are you trying to confuse me? 8-[
    It's a Monday...
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