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Melbourne ride?

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by nearlyempty, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. I've recently moved to Melbourne & have just bought a new bike.
    Anyone out there fancy showing a moderately 30-something riding a R1100S some decent twisties?

    Speed? I'd say beginner to intermediate as I have been off the road for around a year (living in Perth - no point - no bends) and I'm still getting used to the bike.

    Looking at 12/13 Feb at the moment.

  2. Welcome to the forums nearlyempty. Seeing as you are in Southbank already, come along to coffee night this Friday along the yarra outside Bear brass and I'm sure you will find plenty of people willing to show you the better roads of Victoria ;)
  3. I could push my bike there I live that close!

    Cheers mate, unfortunately I can't make it this Friday, but I may pop down another Friday to say "hello".
  4. I might be up for a spin on the 13th. I have returned to riding and am dying to do some roads on the bike I have done many times in the car.

    Something like a Geelong - Bannockburn (via Purnell Rd and Bakers Bridge) - Inverleigh - Winchelsea - Deans Marsh - Lunch in Lorne - GOR - Geelong - Melbourne might be good - albeit busy coming back the GOR.

    If you want a general reference on roads the one below is good.

  5. Sounds ok to me (not that I know much different).

    ..... but not if the weather is anything like today!

    Is anybody else interested?
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  7. Yeah, I notice that most rides are planned just a few days ahead.

    Must be the weather!
  8. yeah i need a bit of a tour guide too so count me in :)
  9. As you would be our guide, are you still ok for this Mr Black?

    If so, I might put this in the calendar for the 13th.