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melbourne rental market

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. orrright,

    an option offered to me with the hostile takeover of my work is to remove me from hands-on in-the-field stupidvising to an office based job in melbourne with exciting perks.

    the reason being that in order to sustain my employment, they had to offer a salary far greater than the industry norm for a stupidvisor. i actually didnt know i was on a winner down here in mogo, but apparently i am.

    anyway, what is getting a rental property like in melbourne?
    i currently have a 3 bedroom house, on 'alf an acre and pay $195/week.

    i know that it's going to be nearly double that for a house in melbourne.... but im just curious as to what the market is like, where is good or bad etc.
    last time i had to get a rental in the big smoke i found it was easier to get a job than a rental property.

    everything is very tentative for now, so no need to get scared :p

    any input appreciated
  2. Well it depends where you'll be workin... Obviously the further out u live the less expensive it'll be. If you wanna see the city frm ur b'room window lets say St Kilda, Kew, Toorak then a one bedder w maybe a car port will cost u $160+ per week (dog box). I live out in Kilsyth (near the base of Mt Dand abt 45min from the city) I have a huge apartment on the back of a massive block w master bed, lounge, dinning, full size kitchen, walk in ward etc & shed for $160... So it all comes down to preference. Also if your willing to share/easy to live w. Eastern subs are nice, but I'm biased :grin:
    Good luck & if u do end u moving, we'll go 4 a ride
  3. Go Eastern suburbs. Lots of nice twisties very close. :grin:
  4. Joel has family, he's gonna need a house with bedrooms, and probably a couple of bike bedrooms (garages)?

    Regards, Andrew.

  5. Hello i have done a search not knowing the Suburb location you want to move to
    have a look through this link


    i hope this helps
  6. Hey Joel, you can also try www.domain.com.au although alot of agents use both sites (domain & realestate) so dont feel that you are going cross eyed if you think youve seen a place before !

    If youre not familiar with Melbourne at all you might want to also open another window whereis.com.au & get directions option. Type in start and finish points & it will generate the route and advise of distance & "expected" general travel time (non peak).
  7. Rental market in Melbourne is VERY tight at the moment, especially at the bottom end due to increasing sale prices. The upper end of the scale is much easier to get into a place, though.
    Depends a lot on where you want to be, of course. Maybe if you let us know where your work will be, and the kind of environment you want to live in, how far your prepared to commute, etc.
  8. I pay $1000 p/m for a 3 bed House in Essendon.
    Double carport out back, Driveway for 2 cars. Small backyard.

    But seriously, If your going to work in the CBD & ride in everyday then almost anywhere in the burbs is ok. (yes, even Craigieburn!)
  9. I pay $380 per week, 4 bedrooms ensuite spa etc etc brand new house, 10 minutes from the beach great environment, great community spirit But it does take me an hour to ride to the city every day.

    Where is the office joel and do you have family around in mel?
  10. was told yesterday by agent(s)
    that Flats start at $100 a week
    to 4 BR hourses $250 in the areas surrounding Boronia
  11. I have recently moved to Dandenong Nth and I had no problems getting a place (it was the only one I applied for).

    For $220 a week I have a 3br 2 story house with a garage, floorboards, massive kitchen, central heating and aircon.

    If you don’t want to live in an inner city suburb there are decent reasonably priced houses about.