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melbourne rental market

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. orrright,

    an option offered to me with the hostile takeover of my work is to remove me from hands-on in-the-field stupidvising to an office based job in melbourne with exciting perks.

    the reason being that in order to sustain my employment, they had to offer a salary far greater than the industry norm for a stupidvisor. i actually didnt know i was on a winner down here in mogo, but apparently i am.

    anyway, what is getting a rental property like in melbourne?
    i currently have a 3 bedroom house, on 'alf an acre and pay $195/week.

    i know that it's going to be nearly double that for a house in melbourne.... but im just curious as to what the market is like, where is good or bad etc.
    last time i had to get a rental in the big smoke i found it was easier to get a job than a rental property.

    everything is very tentative for now, so no need to get scared :p

    any input appreciated
  2. it's a bit hard to answer your questions....Melbourne is a big place so you'd need to narrow down what you want if I was to give you an idea of prices. Best thing you can do is get on realestate.com.au and see what's around. As a renter I can tell you that over the last couple of years the Melb. rental market has become extremely tight. In past years you could often offer less than the asking price and get the place. Now, people are offering ABOVE advertised prices in order to secure a place. I'd expect this to worsen as interest rates rise.

    On a positive note, the NR bike scene is huge here so there's an incentive to make the move south :grin: :grin: Good luck with it all.
  3. dunno many places in melbourne, but the head office where i would work from has a phone number of 0396191***.

    i know in other cities the first few digits indicate an area, anyone know where this is? where would be good nearby to have a missus & 2 kiddies?
  4. Depends if you want city or burbs? North, South, East or West?
    Im South-East and about 20 mins from the city and pay $265 p/w.
    We're lucky actually, we got a great deal.

    As ughboots suggested, go to realestate.com.au

    Go to http://www.whereis.com/whereis/getMap.do?nref=homeMap
    and type MELBOURNE into the Location field. This will give a map of Melb so when looking at property locations you'll be able to have some indication as to where things are.

    West and North can be wuite cheap but again, it all depends on what you're after...

    Good Luck!

    P.S Is Mogo near Batemans Bay?

  5. $997pcm gets us a 3BR shit dump of a place with a big yard, decent gararge, leaky roof and a bathroom with a mould issue. :)

    14km from the city, near a major Fwy (Eastern Carpark). :wink:
  6. 9km sough of batemans bay!
  7. As far as I can work out the 9619 prefix is a Melbourne CBD number. Do you know the address of where you'd be working?

    We pay $360 p.w. for a four bedroom, nicely-renovated Edwardian in the inner-west. It's about a 10-20 minute drive to the CBD depending on traffic, though the train is fast and just down the street. If you'd be working in the CBD then putting yourself near a train line would be handy.
  8. I think that is Sth Melbourne area.
  9. Numbers aren't a good indication anymore as they can now be ported across exchanges.

    With a family and a bit of land expect to pay $250-$300 in the other burbs for a nice house. We're out on the outer west side and pay $260 for a 4 bedroom home, spa, nice backyard, etc. But it does take about 30 minutes to get to work in the city.

    In winter we'll buy a house, and now that I'm riding we'll move away from the areas that have public transport which will be cheaper to purchase, exluding new estates of course.
  10. Hi Joel,

    Good luck with the move. It depends where you want to rent, and how far you want to travel to get to work.

    We are in Lilydale and pay $230 a week for a good sized 3 bedder, 2 living rooms, ensuite, and a massive double garage.... But that is an hour from the city.....

    Basically there are plenty of good rentals around, it just depends where you're looking.
  11. http://www.realestate.com.au/

    Should give you a pretty good idea of how it goes down here.

    trying to get a place anywhere even vaguely 'fashionable' or close tot he cbd is getting ridiculous.

    I was one of 50 people looking at a freaking bedsit (smelled bad, tiny, dark and frankly rank and there was NFW I was living there) that they wanted $140pw for, that was in Nth Fitzroy though....

    North to Thornbury, not very cool, but still not far away $150pw gets 1BDR flat with off street parking. Still too much but it's gettng abit nutty here rent wise.
  12. Why not buy a place? Rent is a waste of cash. Even a bad buy will be worth double what you pay in 10 years. For $250 a week you could pay off a 4 bedroom place in Hoppers Crossing (25 minutes West from city) or if you're getting a nice little pay rise from this job, you could nab a 3 bedroom place in South Yarra (5 minutes from the city and in a nice area) for about $700 a week.

    Even if you're not going to stay in Melbourne forever, it's an investment - you can rent the place out to some sucker when you don't want to live there anymore.
  13. $700/week ?


    then my wife would have to work full time, i think she has come quite accustomed to her casual only-work-if-she-wants-to lifestyle.
    the move would generate a pay rise of around 5-10k bringing me up to around a hunjy. :oops:

    still gonna be here in mogo for the near future, and with 2 kids etc. there wont be any home purchasing in the short term. you are right though, buying is a good idea.
  14. If you want to be a reasonable distance from the city and not pay huge $ then try the north/western area not the south or the east.

    From Avondale Heights through Keilor and that sort of area has house rentals from $200 to $250.

    You aren't far from the Calder Freeway which makes getting into the city easy and raceway Suzuki is one of the nicer bike shops around.