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[Melbourne] Recommended Workshops

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by blnls1, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    First time post for me.

    I need to find a reputable workshop in Melbourne to have my k7 gsxr 1000 serviced and the suspension setup properly for for me. Basically I want it to be as sorted as it can for a few things coming up. I am planning on doing a couple of track days towards the end of the year with a few mates.

    The same group of mates and i also do a couple of trips every summer through the alpine region of victoria and also a trip over to Tasmainia in FEB or March every year.

    I only purchased my gixxer just before the Tasi trip this year and didn't have a chance to get the suspension setup for me, don't get me wrong, i'm no full on racer but i'm sure there's an improvement to be made.

    Thankyou for any information or recommendations.


  2. Re: Recommend me a workshop (MEL8)

    and post pics of ur bike
    and where r u in melbourne will help
  3. Re: Recommend me a workshop (MEL8)

    Here's a pic.

    And I live in Point Cook but work in the south eastern suburbs.

    But as i said in the OP i looking for some recommendations for a workshop.............. pretty much any area....... if they're good.

  4. Re: Recommend me a workshop (MEL8)

    60 degrees in notting hill, I won't let any other shop touch my bike. If you want serious suspension work done though you'd be better off taking it to a specialist.
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  5. Re: Recommend me a workshop (MEL8)

    Recommend me a specialist.......???

    What are peoples experiences with these guys????? http://www.ptr.com.au/
  6. Re: Recommend me a workshop (MEL8)

    With chicken strips like that you don't really need to get the suspension sorted in a hurry :p Only kidding - no idea really, I know the lads and super hot lady at 60 degrees know a guy :)

    If you go down there tell them Holly sent you.
  7. Re: Recommend me a workshop (MEL8)

    I personally go to High Octane Motorcycles in Thomastown - straight up the ring road for you, they have looked after me since I started riding - they bend over backwards to help me out when I need it.

    I also recommend 60 Degree's as Holster mentioned above.

    Anyone else is frogshit in melbourne.


    Stu who runs SWRacing can do that for you nicely. He attends most track days and does it there with you at the trackday. After each session you ride past his stall and he'll adjust as required until your happy. :)

    :LOL: If you go to any of the above, tell em brownyy sent you... :grin:
  8. Re: Recommend me a workshop (MEL8)

    Sjay motorcycles in tullamarine and raceway Suzuki in keilor are 2 shops I've had dealings with and both no nonsense and are reliable. Though I'd recommend sjay for a more personalised and affordable service.
  9. Re: Recommend me a workshop (MEL8)

    Brighton Bikes n Bits always look after me
    *edit - site seems to be in the process of updating

    and they'll be sure to charge you 150%, just kiddin browny :grin:
  10. Re: Recommend me a workshop (MEL8)

    I'll second Dean & Jason at Dynoverks.
    All my previous/current bikes have always been serviced there. Very friendly & professional dealings every time from the lads.
  11. Re: Recommend me a workshop (MEL8)

    Reading through the list of workshops named in this post one thing stands out. There all non-franchised workshops. Great to see the message is getting across that you dont have to take your bike to a authorised dealer to get your servicing done no matter what threats of loosing your warranty they throw at you when you buy it.

    Maybe the mods should start a sticky listing all the non-franchised workshops out there?

    PS: check out www.everythingtwowheels.com.au for Suzuki servicing.
  12. Re: Recommend me a workshop (MEL8)

    Thanks for all the reply's guys. It's booked in with dynovorks for the service and a few other bits and peices.
    Thanks again.
  13. Re: Recommend me a workshop (MEL8)

    PTR. Phil Tainton is the god of Suzuki.
  14. Stuck and title changed.


    oh yeah one more thing OP;


    That is all. :)
  15. Hi Folks

    Hijacking this thread to ask if anyone can recommend a workshop in or around the city CBD Melbourne (apart from Peter Stevens). I'm relatively new to riding and it's time for my first service - I live in the city and don't really want to traipse out to the burbs. A mechanic that doesn't have dollar signs in his eyes when a chicky walks in the door would be great :)
  16. E2W/ Everything 2 Wheels in St Georges Rd Fitzroy... only 5mins from the CBD if you're on that side already.
  17. Yeah e2w is no bullshit, top bloke...

    Best of all no bullshit! Do you do rwc's yet?

    Drop bike off pick it up job done

    Best of all he's the man who does the work, so like I have had to complain to Honda in the past the workshop manager can't say ohh it must have been one of the guys... I don't know who sorry...

    And no charges for fuel additive then being asked where do you put fuel in this thing OMG Honda dude, luckily they didn't try charging me for windscreen washer additive like Holden did any way that's for another time
  18. Ooo... also In Tyre motorcycles in Nicholson St.