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Melbourne questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Replay, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. They all,

    So I recently moved to melb (from Sydney, loving melb so far) for new job and need some advice.

    1. Commuting to work - should I do it? Leaving from coburg how long will it take? Did it in Sydney hated it but was a long way.. Lol.
    2. Good service place near coburg? Have a kawa, have my first service due.
    3. good shops to get equip? Thinking I'll need some more stuff suited to the cold.. Could order online but I like to see what I'm buying. :)


  2. How long it will take cepends on where you work. YOu forgot to say.

    If the city then not long. However if you are on Sydney Roadm then you will have tram tracks to deal with, which can be a problem in the wet.

    Eliz Street in the city has a number of bike stores. Or if you want a cheaper range then AMX in Tullarmarine/Keilor (?) have a a range of gear. Ask for a discount, you may not get it but doesn't hurt to ask.
  3. Coburg, being near Thomastown, you have High Octane Motorcycles on Settlement Rd.
    I 'hear' they have a reasonable reputation and can cover anything from services, dyno to repairs.
    Some more food for thought.

    In terms of buying/trying on gear, as GreyBM stated, you can't go wrong with the various stores available on Elizabeth Street in the city.

    Welcome to Melbourne mate and best of luck with the new gig/commute to work.
  4. I use everything two wheels on st georges road fitzroy. A guy by the name of pete runs the place and frequents here from time to time. Has excellent attention to detail and does an excellent job. I'm a fan (and his shop sits ona tram line - so easy to get to from the city if you intend dropping it off there on the way to work and catching tram back to pick it up).
  5. some places to get gear are in elizabeth st. peter stevens is one. AMX is out of town but cheaper.
    not sure what you need but base layers under normal gear work plus waterproofs maybe. many of us have heated handgrips. winter gloves suck.

  6. Having lived in Coburg, your options in are Sydney rd [traffic n trams] Nicholson st, 'same' maybe moreland rd onto citylink [free for bikes] then exit Flemingtin rd or dudley st as Greybm said you didnt mention where in town you work, I use citylink daily from bulla rd and work on spring st, i use flem rd, eliz, then vic st. for gear and service, a kwaka dealer [out of your way] on geelong rd and millers rd, they have a good rep, and Pete in Fitzroy has a strong following here
  7. 20 - 30 minutes. Sydney road is actually not a bad option for bikes, although terrible for cars. Use the centre division in Royal Parade, not the cycle lane. Remember to stop behind any slowing or stationary tram. Melville, Lygon or Nicholson are options.
    Everything Two Wheels in North Fitzroy or Intyre in Brunswick.
    Shame you have just missed the Aldi specials!
  8. Hi Reply,

    Commuting into the CBD from Coburg is no issue at all. 7-9am is a clearway so the traffic flow is good. You will get a couple of spots where the traffic backs up a bit but it doesn't take long at all to get moving. Once on Royal Parade, if you take the right lane you will notice that it is rather wide and that it is very easy to filter if you so choose. It takes me about 10-15 minutes from coburg into the CBD.

    Servicing wise, there's everything 2 wheels as mentioned above or a closer place called InTyre on Nicholson street, Brunswick East.


    PS: I did not plagiarise from Titus ;), I'm just a very slow typist.
  9. I commute from Maribyrnong through to South Melbourne at the moment, I usually leave at ~8.10 and arrive by 8.45ish, depending on traffic.
    Sometimes I get a good run and am there by 8:30.
  10. ALDI on sydney rd brunswick MIGHT still have bike stuff, pop in and see, theres one at airport west shopping centre as well
  11. .... wait, what? Sydney Road is a road? With traffic that moves? Well, I've never seen it for myself but I'll take your word for it. It has been a while since I lived in Melbourne.

    All this time, I thought it was a car and tram museum, with realistic engine and horn sounds, and a few paid actors. o_O;
  12. theres even a couple of kebab shops lol
  13. Please don't remind me! But I can't complain too much, after all Sydney Road was the final impetus to get a bike.
  14. Ops your right I forgot to link where I work.

    Top end of Collins street.

    Thanks all for the info, I'll checkout the place in fitzroy.

    Ps . Heated grips sound like a winning idea!
  15. been using the heated grips daily this week lol top of collins spring st area? same here but lonsdale st side. rathdwone st carlton might be better for you?
  16. the closest kawa dealer may be elizabeth street in the city, say 25 minutes to get to from coburg on normal day outside of peak.
  17. That works out well then the Tram that stops outside E2W in Fitzroy runs down Collins st.