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Melbourne Question...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sirian Sun, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. I am going down to Melbourne in August and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good apartment style place in the CBD.

    Thanks in advance

  2. plenty available at Docklands, I have stayed there in the past.
  3. Oaks on Collins
  4. Thanks :) will check it out when I get home.
  5. you do realise that you are obligated to come to at least one coffee night... you should consider this before you arrive :p
  6. hahaha I may have to extend my stay in that case ;)
  7. No excuses!

    Monday - Williamstown, or
    Monday - occasionally out east somewhere
    Tuesday - Ringwood, or
    Tuesday - *cough*Learner*cough* ride
    Wednesday - Occasionally SE somewhere
    Thursday - Mystery ride
    Friday - Southgate
    Saturday - West Melbourne, Errol st
    Sunday - The diner when there's racing.
  8. Its too bloody cold. Stay away!
  9. Now you really have to extend your stay :LOL:

    And Rob will personally check each one of them to make sure you attended!
  10. I'm sure he does.
    Wants 7 days to 'get to know' her
  11. Shopping trip? Hmmmm? :wink:

    Clothes or bike stuff, let me know. :grin:
  12. LOL sheesh I am leaving one timetable for another hahaha

    I will see how I go but it may be a case of staying Sunday night as well and coming home Monday. Mystery Ride sounds fun but I wont have a bike. Will try and get down for more than a few days next time.

    Tankgirl shopping is a given!!!! lol Normally hate it but that changes on holidays.
  13. pillion seat can be arranged ;)
  14. awwww now thats way too tempting lol
  15. Melb is Netrider Central. Heaps to do here.
  16. Sure sounds like it :grin: Hope to meet a few of you while I am there.
  17. Ah, you say that like you have a choice :rofl:
  18. Like freeze at an AFL game? :grin: Gold Coast, Gold Coast, Gold Coast. :LOL:
  19. ](*,) What WAS I thinking lol