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Melbourne Public Transport & the Obvious Solution

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. Melbourne radio is covering the congested roads issue in Melbourne. They're spending big bucks to ring around and to encourage people onto Public Transport.

    Thing is, no-one's mentioned bikes as an alternative transport.

    As I type, Peter Batchelor is on Jon Faine's program. Perhaps we can do some ringing around ourselves. ABC Melbourne talkback is 9414-1774.

  2. I dont know if they are doing it but...

    Triple M 13353
  3. The Batchelor brain is now thinking of opening an International Sea Cargo Port at Hastings.

    He should have set one up in the middle of the bloody Pacific!

    The transport costs from Hastings to Melbourne and vice versa would be horrendous.

    There would be almost no incentive to use it.

    Amazing stuff :)
  4. Actually Vic, since many large distribution centres are based in the Sth East corridor (Dandenong etc.) it will actually be cheaper for them to transport from Hasting to there, than it is from Port Melbourne, not to mention the far cheaper 'delivery' charges for the ships not needing to pay huge fee's to be navigated/escorted through Port Phillip Bay.

    What really hasn't be considered (or at least planned for completion by the time of the ports projected completion date) is the road infrastructure between Hastings and the rest of Melbourne that will need major upgrade to handle the sort of trucking levels that will increase dramatically.
  5. That road problem you speak of is also on the drawing board somewhere. I was looking at some land in the Clyde-Five Ways area earlier in the year and was told of some of the easements and compulsorily in the area. It is for a 4 - 6 lane Hwy connecting the Mulgrave Freeway to the Cranbourne Hastings area.
  6. Notice that alot of "Public Funded" or code for "Toll the hell out the public" roads are being planed and partly funded by state and federall gov.

    That should give us an idea about Hastings, also that land value there has gone up 150% in two years.
  7. What I wrote to Mr Batchelor.

    Dear Mr Batchelor;

    As a bicycle rider and now motorcycle rider for the last 13 years combined I couldn't agree more that there is a serious need to decongest our streets. Cars are like a gas, give them the room and they just keep on expanding into the space provided.

    I must however question your strategy to relieve this congestion. Rather than spend some 8 million dollars on a publicity campaign promoting what is a flawed public transport system (it's great if all you want to do is go into/out of the city) why not spend the same mmoney fixing up some of the obvious discrepancies in our public transport system? Get a train line out to the growth corridor in the south east for example, start plans for the tram line down the centre of the Eastern freeway would be another good option.

    Yet another option would be to promote 2 wheeled transport, far cheaper than public transport, certainly less polluting than a diesel bus and given the footprint of these vehicles, ie fit 3-6 of said vehicle into the same space a car takes up, seems it would be an obvious solution yet completely overlooked by not only the current Liberal government but many other Governments that preceded you.

    We have a national motorcycle strategy and a national bicycle strategy yet neither of these documents ever get to see any air time. If you really want to ease congestion then get fair dinkum, rather than waste my tax payer dollars promoting an unsuitable public transport system, spend the money and fix it up and promote alternative transport.

    We have a national rail network, why don't we pump some of this 8 million dollars into this so that goods can be carted by rail rather than road? This is yet another option to ease congestion on our roads that doesn't seem to have been considered. Time to reconsider your options I suggest.

    Michael Doedee
    Membership Secretary MRAA
  8. Batchelors Response to MD:

    "Ok, Mick, you are correct. I'll now tell the public that voted for me and my mates that I havent a clue as to what I am doing. Everyone else seems to know more than me so sure, I'll give you a tram line, a train to cart your goods, hell I'll even throw in some free motorcycles"

    Do you honestly think they are going to do an "about-face", prove that they have it all wrong and change their policies? They arent there to serve the people, they are there to use their time to gain themselves a huge super scheme.
  9. Vic, know I don't believe they would do an about face, so having said that do I just lay down and take it up the arse?

    As Gavin has pointed out, the problem with pollies is they are here to get re-elected and if that means free prostitution or caffeine free coffe or whatever than that's what they promise.

    If we say nothing then we get nowhere, no harm in rasing an awareness I reckon that not everyone readily agrees with his idea.
  10. Everyone had their chance at election time yet they voted the fcukwits back in.

    Save your energy till the time when it matters then make a shit load of noise.

    Your email wouldnt last in their inbox long enough for their mail client to load it.
  11. As long as you're being positive Vic.

    Thanks for your efforts Mick, they might not change the world but then again it might make someone pause and think for a second which is never a bad thing.
  12. I'm always positive :)

    Arent I????