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Melbourne people, torrential rain forecast! 13/14Nov

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by maplegum, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. They are calling for 50mm - 100mm of rain this weekend.

    Torrential rainfall, should be fun huh?

  2. Re: Melbourne people, torrential rain forecast!

    I'm getting rather tired of seeing all this sunny weather mid week when I'm working only to go home over the weekend to rain rain rain.

    I know the dams still need more water, I know I'm supposed to be grateful for the water, I'm glad the dams and reservoirs are filling up... but I still want a nice sunny day on the weekend to go for a ride damn it!
  3. Re: Melbourne people, torrential rain forecast!

    pffft as if the BOM is ever accurate..look at this weeks forecast issued last weekend..rain,thunderstorms and winds gusting 25 km...looking outside shows the opposite.
    Give it a few days..I'll beleive it when I'm standing in it.
  4. Re: Melbourne people, torrential rain forecast!

    Agree guys it is Tuesday, the forecasting is rarely right this far out as there are too many variables to consider

    Wait till Friday then look at the forecast.
  5. Noooo!!!!

    I'm supposed to be jet-skiing at Bonnie Doon this weekend :(

  6. ARGH! And I just put the car in to be fixed for the next week :( Time to work on that umbrella holder for my 'prilia!
  7. Now you won't have to leave home.:LOL:
  8. Was rather interesting up here last night. First time ive ridden in hail! Glad i had several layers on, else that woulda HURT!

  9. Worried you’ll get wet?
  10. Re: Melbourne people, torrential rain forecast!

    Even then...the weekend will be unpredictable.

  11. I wanna know WHO "called for" this rain ?

    it certainly wasn't me !

    These "they" have a lotta explainin to do !
  12. LOL, OK fair call oztom, you've got me there ...

  13. Been looking at the forecast all week ..I"m doing a ride day at Phillip island Friday so if your calling for rain can we make it after 7pm thanks .wet leather never good
  14. i think it was a Brumby gov thing, that party is is all kinds of ****ed up.

    ...the rain is no biggie in comparatively warmer weather, it's actually quite nice.
    it's only when it's way cold, like frost on the ground cold, that the first few k's need extra special care on cornering etc in the wet.

    i'm glad we're getting a heavy downpoor, washes all the shit of the road and the next sunny day you stick like glue and go full Rossi
  15. Giggle giggle, full Rossi. Might use that line.
  16. I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks, but this thread prompted me to finally sign up so I could post.

    I have never ridden before, but can't wait to start learning. Did the right thing and booked into training a few weeks ago. Day 1 consists of 4 hours of practical riding (how to not stall, low speed manoeuvring, cornering etc.). Bought myself a nice perforated leather jacket in preparation for the training and summer riding. However...

    Day 1 is this Saturday and "All classes proceed regardless of weather conditions."

    Trial by fire, err, water it is!
  17. Don't forget your thermals err... thermal.

    The good news is you'll be 50mm further from hitting a submerged tree.
  18. lol!

    Water is fun! Whether its falling or splashing, or coming over the screen at 80kmph!(Please note you should enter the water slowly, then cut loose!)

    i found a nice causeway outside of Bolinda, I'm just going to have to get down there, and park the bike and take some photo's when there's a bit of water over it.
  19. Baptism! :wink:

    Welcome in thermal, also pop across to the Welcome Lounge thread for introductions.

  20. The recent weather reports still look miserable. Aghhh.