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Melbourne PB Riders ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RaZ, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. HI all,

    i was just wondering how many people down here in Vic have pocket bikes?
    I myself have two at the moment, a 50cc air cooled 2 stroke & a 110cc air cooled 4 stroke.

    I go up to the grand prix training centre in South Morang, not far from thomastown, on the Saturday & now for the next race meet I will be racing my 110 4 stroke there as well.

    If you have never done this & you ride on the road, you HAVE to give it ago!! You have no idea what your missing out on. I have both my bikes there when I go and I invite anyone who is intrested to rock up ;) I'll give ya a fang of the 2 stroke ;)

    Also here is a little video I did as well (warning: 20MB file!! If your on dial up, it will take a while!!)

    I'll probly be there this saturday , not the sunday, motogp will be on ;)
    If you wanna know more let me know.

    465 Mc Donalds Road
    South Morang, 3752
    VIC, Australia

    Phone: (03) 9436 9100
    Fax: (03) 9436 5100
    Email: info@grandprixtrainingcentre.com.au
  2. :D :D They look so fun to race, what are the costs involved in buying and running one of those & do you need any special licence to race them?
    When is the next race meet, if i'm not busy i might have to come down and watch.
  3. 19MB d/l folks.

    It helps that hes also an internode user :)

    Node RAWX
  4. Oh yes... 20mb vid file :( sorry I'll edit the post to say so ;)

    Kraven, It is the BEST fun I have had on two wheels in 10 years!!!
    Mainly because it don't hurt when you crash & your not up for massive $$$$ when you do crash them 8) no licence needed as they are NOT road allowed on the road, and trust me.. DON't take them on the road!

    Race meeting's are every second sunday at the track, this sunday but I doubt there will be much racing due to the GP ;) every other sunday & every saturday is pratice days. $25.00 is all it is for as long as you want!! (you need your own bike & fuel of course) race day is 30 bucks but you get a BBQ after the race as well)

    In short you have 3 ways to get in to it, also depends how far you want to take it ;)

    1. Get a water cooled 2 stroke. I would recommend what they call the "Dream" rep bike, its a rip off of the italian bikes called Polini which go for 3 grand starting!! the dream bikes go for about 700 to start and they do go pretty damn quick. This would be my first option because you have a massive range of bolt on mods to make it go quicker, but it will cost a little more in the long run - on the other hand, I have seen these things fully power wheelie with a guy about 80kg on them!!

    2. CAG: Cag is the name given to air cooled asian rip offs. They go from about 250 ~ 400. These are okiesh, cheap fun but you would spend an extra 150 odd adding decent bits to make it go a decent speed. You can take them pretty far, I can give heaps of tips as this was my first choice as its the cheapest way ;)

    3. If your fairly large, you can pick up a 50cc or 110cc 4 stroke bike, the frame is a lot bigger and is easy to move aroundon and hang off for the corners. Not a heap of mods for them yet but they are becoming more common.

    Where to buy..... don't... and I mean this with all my heart... DON'T BUY OFF EBAY!! Yes.. it might be cheap, but you normally don't get what you paid for and if anything goes wrong, they don't want to know you.

    I mainly deal with Viperformance http://www.viperformance.com.au/pocketbikes/sales.php#wc
    These guys ROCK! Not only will they sit around and chat all night about what you can do to these bikes, they won't lie to sell you something either which is a BIG deal!!
    Their price's are damn good as well as they make sure the bikes are 100% before handing them over and if you got problems, they will look after you!! ( So far I have broken a support bracket for a brake, 2 foot peg brackets & broke the tact's for some threads near my foot pegs, all on the 110 (still china stuff :p ) and they have given me all the parts to replace them for free with no questions asked!!)

    I also hear http://www.carterraceengines.com/ are VERY good as well, but far from me so I have yet to see them. OK price as well.

    Don't get a Blata rep... not many parts for them ;)

    Has to be the cheapest form of motor sport & also these engines are VERY easy to work on!!! ;) I am a computer geek and since getting these I have fully rebuilt the 2 stroke engine and been having mega amount's of fun!! Its just stuff I couldn't do on the busa with out spending mega bucks!! :shock: