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Melbourne Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by vicki76, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone. I have intro'd myself in the ladies forum but thought it time to do it here too.

    My name is Vicki and I am a Hyo riding (gv250) don't hate me for hyo...lol.

    I am the wife of scorpscdr who intro'd himself earlier in the week.

    I only just got my learners but I'm looking forward to many years of cruising.

    Hope to one day come out on a ride with some NR folks when I have a bit more confidence.

  2. G'day Vicki, welcome to the home of devils, high priests and, well, others.
  3. Heyyyyyyy

    Are you hot?
  4. welcome aboard :)
  5. Vicki meet Crisis, he's our front man :D
  6. Never fails does he ? Although bit slow today Crisis , what happened ?
    Welcome Vicki !
  7. Welcome to the forum.

    New members are very inconsiderate of shift workers, they should introduce themselves at night so I can beat Crisis to the punch.
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  8. Hi Vicki, welcome to Netrider. Don't worry about these idiots. They're all harmless. Mostly. Well, I'm not sure about crisis. Or McSenna. Or gurbac... you know what, keep an eye on all of them at all times, but otherwise, just relax and enjoy the place, it's fine. No, really.
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  9. you'll never beat me mate - i dont work or need to ! i'm always around !
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  10. welcome Vicki, rock up to sat morn parc sessions and drag the hubby along too
  11. Where are they held?
  12. Snap Mick :)

  13. I did, he snapped me back, and I came off second best. He's a tough bastard.
  14. thanks i thought maybe there might have been one closer to me (frankston). it might be a little while before i feel confident enough to travel nearly an hour away in heavy traffic...lol

  15. There are quite a few netriders down that way who come to Saturday practice. If you drop into that thread a couple of days ahead and shout out, I'm sure someone friendly will meet you somewhere and escort you in and back home again.
  16. so true as above !!! also meet up with @streetmaster, great bike mechanic and lives in frankston :) nice bloke too :)
  17. Welcome to the asylum(y)