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Melbourne newbie, hi!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dbrain, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Just thought I'd post the "hey" message.

    I got my bike delivered last night, Street Triple 660 (LAMS). No license yet, as I'm booked in at the end of December, but playing around in driveway / court getting the slow riding worked out.
    So far so good :)

    Hope to see you guys around when I can actually ride the thing on real roads.

    Here she is all wet:
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  2. Nice ride!![emoji106] Welcome and good luck :)
  3. Welcome to NR...

    Nice bike there...
  4. Thanks! My wife told me "you're never getting another one", so thought I'd go for something that would last a while and hold its resale value.
    Maybe if I sell it and switch it out for a unrestricted Street Triple she won't notice ;)
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  5. welcome!
    The key to the success of your stealth-upgrade plan is not to educate her about bikes; don't leave Netrider open in your browser, and if you buy bike magazines, hide them under the bed where she won't find them. If you're out in the car and she says "What sort of bike is that, darling?" as one goes by, just shrug your shoulders and say, "I don't know, they all look much the same to me, dear".
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  6. Thanks!
    I like it. I've already started the deception early.. originally I was looking at the V-Strom 650 LAMS, as it's on sale at the moment. Switched it out at the last minute, as I wanted something more sporty and justified the extra cost with "oh, yeah they're doing a service before I receive it and gear was a bit more than I expected".
    Ah well, fun fun, maybe if I can last a year without dying / injuring myself she'll be more positive about it :)
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  7. Take the wife for a few rides when you can (L's?) - then when she gets into it you kindly give her your current bike and pick up something else for yourself...:rolleyes:
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  8. A guy at my transport work depot wanted a new 4wd toy, wife said No so he divorced her. And bought the 4wd and all the goodies that go on it.
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  9. Ah, at the moment she's completely against it. To the point she gets annoyed if I talk about it, so I can't see that working for me.
    Maybe in the few years when I'm unrestricted and can carry a pillion she'll ease up a bit.

    You need your priorities ;)
  10. Tell her you always fancied her in leather...8-|
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  11. I don't think she cares what I fancy at this point, but it's worth a try.
    She's a cop, so every time there's a motorcycle accident with a fatality and she hears about it I get the "SEE! MORE ACCIDENTS!" rant.
  12. I feel for ya man theres no need for a girl to be like that they should let their guy have hobbies and fun and its keeps a relationship happy and healthy, as long as its all in within reason and you do stuff together that she likes as well.
  13. Totally agree with Chillibutton. Couple of times you take her pillion with you, and she'll never look back. She'll fight you for street triple and you, like real gentleman you're, will let her. And voila, your upgrade is a given!
    Welcome to NR, gorgeous ride btw
  14. Ah, she went from a blatant "no, you'll die blahblah" to a yes. So I can't judge her too much.
    Has always complained that I'm a bit of a homebody, so I think she'll like the part where I'm not home constantly.

    It's the first thing outside of nerding it up (I'm an IT guy) that I've really had a passion about. I've been watching youtube clips and reading motorcycle forums / tips constantly for at least 6 months now. Really excited to have my own finally, can't wait to actually get my L's so I can take it out of the court where I'm storing it at the moment.
  15. Bugger - if she's a cop there's no chance of pillion for a while I guess. Look, tell her motorbikes are a pretty good habit to have - way better than, off the top of my head, ice or something :banghead:
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  16. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if I can sway her, think once you've been on one properly it's hard to be negative.
    Thanks! Saw it in the shop and couldn't resist :)
  17. P.S where in Melbourne are you? Plenty of riding practise with groups to be found in these forums...
  18. Yeah, I mean I was weighing it up before my purchase. 65~ hits of ice or a Street Triple, but here we are! Maybe when I get past my coming down shakes I'll be able to balance it better ;)
  19. The bikes in Mt Evelyn at the moment until my house is finished being built in Pakenham. Rental driveway is incredibly steep, and I wasn't comfortable attempting it.
    So the answer is Pakenham, and will definitely go on the hunt for groups when I have the license. Thanks!
  20. You can die from cancer at any unexpected time too. When your numbers up your numbers up. Gotta life how you like and enjoy