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Melbourne n00b

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Jebusd, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    been lurking the forums and doing some reading for a while now,
    many good resources to be found in all your advice.

    in the next month the plan is getting my bike licence and first road bike.

    after much consideration ive decided on a mc22 cbr250rr to allow for twisties and maybe some track fun.

    at 5'5" could this pose a seat height problem?

    im also planning on 2pce vented leathers, with thermal under if need be.
    what can people say about Berik leathers?

    and hardwick racing leathers?
    does there "Approved for racing by MA, ACU & AMA" claim on there two piece suits mean anything? or more a sellers catch phrase?

    opinions, experiences etc would be much appreciated.
    Am looking forward to getting out on some learner (fresh n00b) rides with you all lol

    thanks for the wealth of knowledge all!!

  2. well, i for one cant help with your questions, but someone will come along who can :)

  3. Welcome in, mate.
  4. welcome :newb:
  5. :grin: welcome to NR
  6. Welcome Aboard !!!!
    Your height shouldn't be a problem. You may not be able to flat foot both feet, but one adapts... believe me I know :oops:
  7. buy platforms. one day they will be back in fashion and its cheaper than lowering your bike. Welcome
  8. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Good luck acquiring the licence and the bike.

    I can't flat foot my bike and it has to weigh in at least 50 kg heavier than your average 250 sports machine. To add to my problem, the dunces who designed the bike gave me a side stand I can't put down while on the bike so I need to dismount while holding the weight of the bike. If I can cope you will.
  9. Thanks everyone for all the warm welcomes!

    Nice to know i have some sympathizers hahahah
    and it sounds like I'm 'one footing it' as although I appreciate
    the suggestion of platforms, they're not exactly what im looking for...
    ...ever lol

    will keep you all posted with pics in the coming weeks.
  10. Scoff at platforms if you like, but they are more practical than high heels.
  11. Welcome :). I think your height won't really be an issue on a CBR250RR. I have a friend in Brisbane who has one. She's 5'5" or 5'6" and is fine with it.

  12. Thera, I told ya mate, they are never coming back into fashion, you really need to stop wearing yours on a saturday night... :p