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Melbourne, Mt Isa, Townsville and back via the coast

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by red dog, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Ok all you long distance riders out there...where are the best must see, must sleep at and must eat at places, after Mt Isa?

    I haven't done this run before and when you look at it all on the map it is a "what the..."

    What are the cops like inland and on the coast?

    Red Dog
  2. gday red dog, welcome to the forum.

    I've only been on the coast for about 8 months, and I haven't done to much travel north of here. Riding an R6 prohibits too much long distance touring (the chiro bills are too high :LOL:).

    I can tell you that the cops on the gold coast are not permanently glued to radars as much as in Melbourne, but they are out there. Dunno much about cops further up the coast or inland thought.

    Must ride road on the gold coast are the Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd through Advancetown, beautiful sweepers through there, one of the best roads in OZ. If you like twistier stuff, the Gold Coast-Springbrook rd is pretty good too.

  3. Bu99er the coast, Turn right at Rocky and take the inland road to toowoomba (I think it's route 17) better road for the most part much less traffic than the Bruce Highway and few police. You can always head back to the coast from Toowoomba if you want to do the Pacific Highway, though again, I'd turn inland at Lismore for the road to Armidale up the mountains... very nice also
  4. After Mt. Isa...which direction?
    Inland north-south or south down the coast?
    Which way up, which way down?
  5. Thanks for the welcome Dan...Mmmm, gotta love the R6..permanent grin, eh!
    OK, I've marked the road and I'll give it a run :) Thanks heaps.

  6. Thanks v_quixotic

    Not a bad idea...I can get a gut full of the coast from Townsville to Rocky and R17 isn't that far from the coast anyway..I can divert back to it when I want...Hmmm. The R17 looks good on the map though. Any must do beer spots?

  7. Hiya Glitch_oz!!

    The run to Isa is through Bourke/Longreach. Isa is a right turn to Townsville through Charters Towers. From Townsville I was looking at the run through Rocky to Brisbane or Toowoomba depending on the consensus of which was the best ride/food/sights etc.

  8. As mentioned, the 17 is a better run. Turn off slightly south-west to Kingaroy and through the Bunya Mountains National Park. At the southern end, turn east towards the coast, then sth towards Beaudesert. Mt. Tamorine, south into the Lamington Nat. Pk to O'Reillys and back, then south via Numinbah to Murwillumbah, inland past Mt. Warning to Kyogle and Casino. West to Tenterfield (Bruxner Hwy), south to Glenn Innes, east down the Gwydir Hwy, Grafton to Dorrigo via Inland (all sealed now),
    west to Armidale.
    South to Uralla, south-east to Walcha. Return run of the Oxley Hwy.
    Walcha south down the Thunderbolt way to Gloucester.
    (from here east to Nabiac M'cycle museum, make a day-trip out of it)
    Gloucester south-west via Dungog and Gresford on the Buckett's Way to Singleton.
    South via the Wollombi Rd. towards Sydney (enough time for a return run of the best part of the Putty Rd.? Singleton through the Gorge and return will be another 65km.
    How much time do you have for the Syd-Melb leg?
    Wanna make it straight 900km or a twisties-smaorgasboard for 5 days and 2300km? ...or more? :D :D
  9. Well thankya Kindly Mr Glitch_oz.....

    Jeez that took some digesting but I've marked it all out on the map so it's nf_worries on the bike. There is only one of those areas I've been into before and that is up the Newell, Oxley, New England as far as Uralla to visit Scotty's Choppers which was awsome. and then Bendemeer to Pt Macquarie - just a brilliant run. So I'll look forward to Walcha/Gloucester. The rest as you've mapped looks cool.
    The bit around Tamborine/Lamington/Kyogle looks brilliant...might stay there a couple a days and make a pig of myself....where's the best place to kip around there in your opinion?

    Red Dog

  10. Coming from Beaudesert, just before the road turns uphill to mt. Tamborine, there's a good pub on the left. Fairly newish, don't know if they've got rooms/ beds though...
    Otherwise...up the Mountain, about 4km before Tamborine town is a sharp right-hairpin, the access road at the apex leads to a C/P with good cabins.Kyogle: C/P down by the river has good cabins (bring a rod, there's good fishing in the creek, fresh eel on the bbq?)

    Walcha: C/P or pub on the Main-str. corner...
    Oxley Hwy: about halfway between new Engld. Hwy and the coast: Ginger Creek Roadhouse, they've got beds! / cabins? too.

    Best PM me, I'll shoot a ph. no across, if you have the maps handy when you give me a call, there's a pile more info...way too much to write it all out.
  11. There's a sort-of- department store close to the post-office (building with "bell" tower) in town.
    Rough floorboards, sells all from brewing kits to tyres to jocks. About 1/4 acre old timber building with stone-facade.
    1 single central cash register in the room... elevated position.
    A spiderweb of strings/ cables all across the ceiling connecting each "department" (i.e. shoes/gardening stuff/ whatever) with the register via small glass-jars with screwtops, tops are fitted with a tiny wheel... the salesguys "shoot" the jars with your plastic or cash and the invoice to the register....incredible stuff as tiny "bombs" zip all across the ceiling with change/ receipts etc etc.
    Worth a stop.