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Melbourne motorcycle fairings, spotswood

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by i_cruise, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Anyone had their fairings repaired/painted by these guys before??? were you happy with the price and the quality of work??? I'm considering re-painting my RGV 250 fairings there as they are quite local.

  2. Great guys, great work, great price. Highly recommend! :wink:
  3. Hi, I had the left hand side of my showbike repainted by them. they are very good and they dont charge an arm and a leg either.
  4. Quoted me $1200 for a re-spray of all fairings (pearl white) not including the fuel tank and the repair of one big crack. sound like a fair price???

    i thought it was a bit much , but then again i havent done much homework yet. could end up looking cheap.
  5. +1

    They're a great bunch of guys down there, and they really now there stuff. Scotty there is a gun painter. If I ever respray my bike, they will be the ones doing it (and I now live in Sydney!!!).

    $1200 is about right, considering your going for a a full respray/colour change. Keep in mind they have to rub it back, prep it & then paint it (and pearls are usually a 2 step process). If you factor in the time (labour) & materials then you'll soon understand what your paying for.
  6. We use them for crash repairs at work, they do all our fairing repairs/resprays.
    Never had a problem with them, all of their work is top notch, if by chance the paint isn't up to par, they don't release it, they do it again until it is.
  7. Not quite a colour change, the stock 91 RGV's had a slighty pearlescent paint job from factory, im sure that doesnt make a difference anyway. They wont be able to do my fairngs this year anyway, so in the new year i may have to bite the bullet and pony up 1200 for a top job. something tell me it will be worth it when the finished product is sitting in the shed.
  8. how much more would it have set you back to get the whole bike done, fairings, tank ect?