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Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings is the way to go!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by wezzatee, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Greeting fellow brothers and sisters! Had a little fall the other day and sent my Ninja to Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings to get it repaired. I have to say I have never found a better workshop than them. They do not pay me to say this or whatsoever, I can definitely vouch for how good they are (customer service + workmanship wise). I am sure most of you know about them anyway since their high-quality services have made them the reputable workshop they are today.

    In all, this is just a post, for those out there still having doubts about MMF, to go for them. They are amazing hands down!
  2. Is Rod still running the shop? He's a decent bloke.
  3. That's the man! :) Great bunch of guys!
  4. Dealt with them before and I have to agree, esp Rob.
  5. Just saw this post.. Increasing speed to 88 miles.... BOOOOOOOM!!

    I have used these guys to repair my CB400 , they came to my house, picked up the bike and arranged everything. Couldn't have given me better service unless of course their pickup van had a coffee machine in it. :p