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Melbourne Motorcycle Expo this weekend!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Freeform, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Havent seen anyone post up about this,
    Maybe everyone already knows :oops:

    This weekend, Friday Saturday Sunday at the Convention and Exhibition centre next to Crown in the CBD.



    I'll be perving at all the bikes from my apartment :demon:
  2. I'll be there! Never been to a bike expo before. Maybe cause I didn't have an interest in them!
  3. Me neither, it looks like fun though, and apparently there is gonna be heaps of great deals on gear/accessories so bring your spare change :D
  4. What spare change? Spent all the $$$ on the bike! LOL
  5. Looks like it'll be a good weekend for it to given the weather forecast.
  6. Busy all weekend, but I'm going to head to the expo on Friday I think.
  7. *Sniff* *Sniff* I smell Biaggi & Camier as possibles to appear at Aprilia stand for signing session along with Biaggi's 2011 bike.

    Apparently as soon as the gates close sunday it gets crated to Phillip Island for old mate to fang around on for testing.
  8. Hmmm is that so....
    They need a chin stroking smiley...MODS, are you listening! :p
  9. Hope they have a 2011 ZX10R there!
  10. I really hope you guys enjoy the show!

    I know a lot of exhibitors have puts loads of effort to make this show a cracker.
  11. cant wait to just take 1000 photos of '11 kawasaki zx10r
    it looks amazing
  12. the shows a pretty boring
  13. :( work work work :'(
  14. Ill be there with work! Heading there tomorrow and Thursday to set up. Cant wait, will be a pretty big weekend. Loads of bargains to be had too!
  15. I might be able to head down on Sunday. But at this rate I may miss it this time around :(. Had fun last time.
  16. also as an added bonus the sexpo is next door.
    so i can check out the hot bodies then check out the ladies....
    or is it the otherway around?
  17. I am curious as to what the aftermarket gear (bling) will be available.
    Actually I was looking at going to buy a new bike as there is some neat del going around at the moment but found something instead but will still go to see what is coming up.
  18. Is it normal practice to buy gear such as helmet, leathers, etc from the expo or do you view, try and order there and buy from bike shops?
  19. Yep, going but not sure what day.
    Will ride in and at this stage probably Fri evening..
    Bringing camera for the usual shots but hopefully spend some time chatting about the type of bike I'll be upgrading to March next year.

    But I'm hoping accessories are all over priced so I don't buy anything else!....lol