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Melbourne Motorcycle Expo @ Jeffs Shed?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Topkat, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. My Appologies for post this here if it is asked somewhere else, but Next year i am looking upgrading my bike and was looking forward to the 2009 Expo @ Jeffs shed...But it does not appear to be on I called Jeffs shed and no bikes](*,) Please if you know it's on or what happened please post I purchased my last bike after visiting the show as i could check everything i wanted under one roof and managed to purchase some goodies(y)

    So if this is just a Dumb question "I'm Qualified to ask it"

    The Expo looks to be on Oct 30th to Nov 2nd8-[
  2. November 2010, Spewen i had it marked in my diary since December n hadn't checked it till last night...I was sorta hoping google was wrong in some way (I'm an idiot)

    Thanks Fekkinell

    Now i have a day do nothing except paperwork! CRAP!!
  3. It sucks to be the bearer of bad news. I wouldn't wish paperwork on anybody.

    Perhaps you could pop out on the bike and if you really concentrate it might almost feel like the expo. http://www.amxoutlets.com/

  4. The Australian Motorcycle Expo is now being held on alternate years between Sydney and Melbourne.

    This year it is in Sydney and the next year in Melbourne.

    The Gold Coast expo is being held in Feb 2010
  5. you could always go for a quick ride up to sydney for a look?

    but sydney roads are worse than paperwork in my opinion :p
  6. Been there & I [-( Hate Sydney.

    I can wait, only cos I have to](*,)