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Melbourne Moto Expo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. So what did we think of the 2014 Moto Expo at the Melbourne Showgrounds ??

    I had the opportunity to attend both the Brisbane & Melbourne Expo's this year.

    The Baylisstic Scramble track at Ekka was a much better course than the tight confines of the Main Arena at the Melbourne Showgrounds. Plus watching Jason Crump on his Speedway bike up close at Ekka was a highlight.

    The EnduroX was interesting to watch over the 3 days.

    Disappointing that a few major manufacturers were not in attendance in Melbourne.

    There was certainly enough going on and on display to well and truly cover the $20 entry cost.

    Looks like Sydney will get the Bayliss treatment next year with the Sydney version announced during the opening ceremony on Friday.
  2. It was alright. The highlight for me though, if we're being honest was the women.

    Some of the new Ducati look nice too, I see one in my future....
  3. Static bike displays, the worst way to base a buying decision. I think I turned down 50% of my new bike purchases solely on the first test ride.
    New R1 is mad.
    Who owns a Victory?
  4. No kawasaki, honda or suzuki, bugger all merchandise was a big loss but other than that it was alright.
  5. severely disappointed..

    enjoyed seeing the Indians, dukes the Yamaha xvs1300 '80' stryker and the new R1.
    besides that was completely underwhelmed.
  6. Meh, was pretty shite
  7. Highlight for me was the Kustom Kommune display in the second display hall. I've always been strictly a sports-bike aficionado but I'm starting to get the whole bobber thing more and more. Some of the workmanship on show there was really cool.

    I would have liked to see more merchandise on sale, t-shirts and stuff like that. I did pick up a few cheap back-issues of Rapid Bikes, which was a bonus.

    The KTM and Husqvarna displays were really good (highly subjective) and I was really happy to check out the 690 SMC and 1290 Duke R in person as they're hard to come across in dealerships.
  8. Some of the highlights
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  9. My only chance to go was Friday night. Got in before 5 pm.
    There were bugger all girls to see, and no outdoor events on.
    It was OK but I was expecting much more. It was probably much better on Saturday.
  10. Not sure if the above media is an accurate representation of the event.

    That said. Well compiled and delivered.
  11. I test rode a Victory 8 Ball and a Harley Slim Soft Tail. I scrapped the floor boards on both really bad , Lol
    And No, I wont be buying either.