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Melbourne mobile repairs? (moved from general discussion cos op is lazy)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Martin77, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Hello all, just wondering if anyone could recommend a decent mobile mechanic. The only promising number I found on google is ringing out.

    It looks like some lowlife tried to nick my VTR250 last night, jamming something into the ignition. Now I can't get the key in, which has almost ruined my afternoon.

    Any ideas on the best person to call? I'm in Carlton.

    All advice really appreciated.

    Thanks, Martin
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    I don't know of any mobile mechanics but Motorcycle City is one suburb away - maybe they'll come pick the bike up to repair it at their workshop...or you could push it to them. If it were me and the bike was not under warranty I'd just work out a hot-wiring system in the meantime and order an ignition switch of ebay. Universal ones should come as cheap as $5-10, and no doubt there are also affordable replacement units designed for your bike.

    One of the main reasons I like to chuck a disk lock on my bike is to stop the thieves (those intelligent enough to realise they need to get past it first) from getting to work on my ignition. It's surprising how many unsuccessful attempts get made at bike ignitions.
  3. I can barely change a fuse never mind hotwire a bike :).

    I actually have a disc lock that I hadn't been using. Put it on last night. Stable door, horse and all that. I'll learn.

    Thanks muchly for the response.
  4. if you are in racv, get a truck to take it to a mechanic.
  5. You could always get this and fit it - it really isn't that hard when you have a go http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gas-Cap-...K_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item19d593f7b9&_uhb=1 and it will save you money, but then of course the bike will be out of action in the meantime - a few weeks for postage I imagine. Another option is to call Vic Wreckers and see if they have an ignition (with a key to match, of course) - as you can see it's simple, with a bolt to hold it in place and some connectors to join.

    I assume the problem is that something broke off and is stuck in your ignition? Or do you think they broke a part of the slot inside ignition? How far does the key go in? Is the ignition in the usual 'off' position? Have you tried spraying WD-40 in there and then going to town with jiggling etc the key?
  6. The would-be thief seems to have stuck a thin piece of metal in and twisted it around a bit. The metal is scrunched at the entrance, but with a bit of shaking and turning the key goes in about halfway. The only result so far has been a slightly bent key, and a lot of suspicious glances from passersby.
    To complicate matters I'm leaving the country in three weeks and the bike is up for sale, so I can't really wait long for parts to be sent.
    The outer part of the switch is turning round independently of the rest. I have to work it around to line up with the inner part before I can get the key in at all if that makes sense.
    Bloody vandals!
  7. PM sent.
  8. Did you find anyone to do it for you? Exact same thing with my bike!

    Need someone to fit my ignition (already have it sitting infront of me!) Just need a mechanic to come to me. ):