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Melbourne maintenance help

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by 3800Chris, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. So I have a CBR600rr and it needs some basic maintenance. I am from the US, and am here in Melbourne through January. I bought a few tools:
    -socket wrench and metric set
    -allen keys
    -wire strippers
    -chain lube

    But I am missing wrenches to tighten my chain, and ideally a rear stand. I'd really like to get this done this weekend, since my chain is loose. I was hoping to find someone willing to help me who has the tools.

    I know how to do the work myself, and in addition to tightening the chain I'd also like to swap my slip on exhaust and fix a rear turn signal - I have the tools for those. If someone is willing to help or even just lend some tools, I'd be happy to repay them with repair to your bike/car, some drinks, and/or money.

    My goal is really to be able to do my typical maintenance without having to deal with the short shop hours in AU. Hopefully someone in the area is willing to help out - I can come to you and work with your availability schedule. Send me a PM or a reply here and we can exchange contact info.

    I've ridden with the guys and gals from Uncle's Saturday rides before, so they can attest to the fact that I probably don't eat children or pets, and I always pay my debts.
  2. Probably help if you told us what suburb your in.....no good somebody in Hastings offering if your in Sunbury.
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  3. Ah ok, I'm in Southbank I believe. Right by the Shrine of Rememberence south of CBD. It's no problem for me to drive a ways to get to you either. Anything within about 45 minutes is fine with me.
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    I also live in Southbank and quite close to your place. Got a rear stand but only works with those swingarm stand bobbins. Also have a torque wrench and a breaker bar (3/8 inch drive) but I only have a 27mm socket as that was all I needed on my ER6 to tighten my chain. Other than that my tools are pretty limited with typical tool box tools such as screw drivers, hammer, pliers etc ... Happy to help out if you don't mind the limited tools I have.
  5. Hey mate
    im away this weekend
    otherwise you are welcome to come over when I get back
  6. yep and ill vouch for Chris
  7. Thanks! It looks like I need a 32mm socket, so I'll have to go search for one this weekend. if I can find one, then I'll send you a message revz. Otherwise I'll recruit Uncle Greg's help. I appreciate the response guys.
  8. Pm sent mate . 32mm socket, breaker bar, tension wrench and stand here .
  9. Happy to help out mate. I am in wantirna which is not to far from the meeting point for the start of the ride Uncle Greg holds. Let me know if it is to far.