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Melbourne lurker surfacing...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Harry41, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Hi all... Long time lurker here finally deciding to say hi and let my presence be known. Just got my L's for the 2nd time (long story) before xmas and am figuring out what to do about getting on the road. I have an old zzr250 in the garage in bits, needs a new engine. Not sure whether to get that up and going, or just look for something complete and sell the zzr bits on ebay...
    Anyway... hope to be out there soon!

  2. I hope you're out there soon, too

    It's summer, riding weather, and the roads beckon

    Do your sums with the project; sometimes it's best to call it a day and buy something going. Of course if you buy another of the same bike you at least have a few free spares....
  3. Yep, those are pretty much the thoughts that keep circling in my head. I'll just keep my eyes open and a solution will jump out at me eventually.
  4. Hi and welcome to NR
  5. Hi Harry welcome back....

  6. Hope you get back out on the road soon Harry. Welcome.
  7. welcome in mate :)
  8. thanks everyone :)