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Melbourne Lurker become poster!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by DarkSun, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I'm Dave, got my first bike about two weeks ago and im LOVING IT! I've been starting slow, doing the carpark thing (LaTrobe Uni in Bundoora has fantastic carparks and a nice little ring road), going on some shorter rides with a mate (cheerz Zilly).

    I want to say thanks to all the experienced riders out there who contribute to this community, i have learned a lot from these forums and hope to become a contributing member once i get some experience.

    Anyway the important stuff; my bike!

    Its a Honda VTR 250, 2005 model, i got it with extreemly low KM's and its yet to have its first service, i think ill be up for that in about a week or so (gotta do about another 250 k's).

    There were a few things that helped me choose the bike, but the forums here really helped, its a great bike to ride (though my recient riding experience was mostly over seas on little 110's).

    Well the bike aint' real without a pick, so without more stalling here we go!

    Bike before i got it!

    Cheers to Zilly for taking picks on the first carpark ride!

    Thanks for anyone who took the time to read my rambling! looking forward to hitting up some of melbourne the learner rides :]

  2. Hello Dave, welcome to NR :grin:
    Great choice of bike! I like blue :cool:
    Don't be shy with any Q's you may have, Ok :grin:
  3. Great, so when you taking me for a ride :?: :?: :?:
  4. Welcome to NR.
    Sweet looking bike too.
  5. Welcome aboard Dave,

    Great choice of bike :grin: They're a beauty to learn on! :cool:

    Hope to meet you on an NR cruise some time.
  6. Where haveyour legs gone omg I cant see your legs Ahh!!!!!1111 :tantrum:
  7. Get out there and ride, lad, don't worry about posting on Netrider :LOL:.
  8. Be wary of that Zilly, too.
  9. no need to be wary, you can hear my bike coming a mile away :)
  10. Welcome Aboard mate !
    The VTR is a great learner bike .. good choice!
  11. Great choice in bike, lots of fun times ahead :dance:
    Good to see you got all your gear too, I've seen too many learners in shorts the past few weeks.

    P.S What jacket is that? Looks comfy.
  12. Hey all,

    Been a riding since my intro post, AND LOVING EVERY SECOND~!~!!!!

    Did the ride i think i mentioned with zilly (both the yarra blvd's and albert park) but on saturday went on a fantastic ride (no photos sorry, too busy enjoying my bike!).

    A mate came round - been riding for a long time, hes got a Yamaha XJR 1300 XP - and even though it was HOT, we figured once moving it would be worth it.

    So visor up, sunnies on we headed out, from bundoora, to kinglake, st andrews, healsville, black spur, marysville, up lake mountain and back again. Around 300 km, by the end my hips were sore, i was tired but i could not stop grinning!

    We were pretty lucky on the run, only 1 obvious bad driver - some fella in a little bubble car, driving RIGHT UP MY BACKSIDE on the black spur, then he decided that it would be a good idea to overtake me on double lines.... sigh.... then just to prove his intelegence this fella decided to overtake my mate (was in front at this point) again on double lines, just before a blind corner and as he was passing another car came round the bend.... no accident but it was close.

    Anyway, we only saw 1 speed trap and 2 other police cars on the saturday (probably becuase it was sooooooo hot). Such a good day for a ride :)

    As for saftey gear, i think you would have to be nuts to go "its hot so i cant possibly hurt myself or have an accident" I read in a post somewhere a statment which i agree with: "Too hot for your gear, too hot to ride" Even in this 43degree heat ive been making sure i wear my gear - though visor up, sunnies on and jacket 3/4 zipped up - with water bottle handy before and after the ride.

    The jacket: Dainese Portland

    To start with i thought it was a bit snug, however thats a good thing, the spine protector built into the jacket has a kind of kidney belt (or at least some kind of velcro belly strap), and the armour wont move about on the arms, i think the jacket cost around $550-$600 @ peter stevens in the city.

    Anyway bike is in for its first service today - S Jay Motorcycles, Tullamarine - he came recommended, seemed like a good bloke, i guess ill find out tonight when i pick my bike back up :]

    Anyway, cheers for the encouragment everyone! I look forward to coming along to some learner rides.