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Melbourne LPG prices hit 75 cents per litre - 50% up in a few months.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Ride Alot, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. What is going on with LPG prices in Melbourne?

    Today the price shot up to a staggering 75 cents per litre which is an increase of around 50% in a few months.

    Is this the beginning of what life will be like with the dreaded carbon tax?
  2. i'm more worried about the price of petrol... it hit 1.53 the other week... i just can't fathom how much more its going to rise in the coming years.. are we going to be paying 4-5 even more dollars a litre??

    its ridiculous
  3. nope. just your usual everyday rip off.
  4. i saw this at a BP around 6.30pm today on my way home, I couldn't believe it, I'm in shock lol
    A 12 cent rise from the average price of 63 cents for along time now, what the hell is going on??
    I travelled past two more servos only 1 km awy from the BP, a Liberty and Shell but they still had prices at 63 cents.
    Weren't the government going to put a TAX on LPG and I thought I heard it was going to be a 12 cent increase, this was a while ago.
  5. Think I saw 80c for lpg earlier today.
  6. I guess biproducts are getting expensive to produce these days ...... ;/p
  7. 51c three weeks ago now 75c blatant ripoff
  8. Try living in NSW. 81c for LPG and $1.65 for 98 unleaded. You don't have it that bad down there.
  9. LPG is getting taxed excise now. 2.5% this year, increasing over 4 years to 12.5%.
  10. They are blaming it on rising oil prices and a shortage of lpg in the asian market, call me a cynic but WTF?
  11. the price for LPG got to 78c P/L from memory in 2004.....That's why I got rid of my 2 V8's once I moved to the sticks and had to drive 70kms each way to work.
  12. Yesterday Sydney 98 $1.72 a L
    95 $1.69 a L

    LPG $72.6c
  13. If LPG stays at 75 plus cents per litre rest assured they will try the same thing with unleaded. Expect to be slugged around $2.00 per litre.
  14. aaah remember the Williamstown Beacon's when they Used to just BURN it off....
  15. And here we are up here building a massive huge fkoff LNG export plant thatll sell it at like 5cpl.
  16. Ah, just to think 12 years ago, id fill up my cortina on leaded fuel at 70c p/l.
  17. I haven't seen it cheaper than 45 cents in a long time. From what I remember of my fairlane, the gas burned approx twice as fast. So as long as gas stays under half the price of petrol, might still be worth it. Definitely making me rethink my plan to get another V8 when my bike sells
  18. I remember 12 years ago when gas was 16.9 cpl. It was 29.9 then went to 16.9 when a liberty station opened.
    Then you go back 30 years and I could fill the bike with super for $1:67.
  19. Yeah, but show me something that could be classed as core living expenses that hasn't doubled in price in that time. Sure, we can get most of our electronic goods free with cornflakes these days but food, energy and accommodation have all risen pretty much in line with petrol.