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Melbourne Learner SE Suburbs

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Phase, May 31, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    Just joined the forums not too long ago. A bit about myself:

    - Names Michael, just turned 22
    - On my learners, been riding for about 7-8 weeks, booked my motorcycle licence course down at Ridetek in July
    - Currently riding a yellow wasp (VTR250) and aware of its limits
    - Living in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne
    - Few friends who ride either have mechanical problems with bike, gone to South Africa, or waiting to get their licence and/or new bike
    - Joined the forums to connect with other learners and riders similar to me around my area
    - Currently in my Final year of university down at Melbourne University

    If you guys live around me near Springvale/Clayton area, give me a buzz and we might be able to meet up and go for a spin?


    edit: Me at Yarra Blvd few weeks ago
  2. welcome to NR bud. try the Vic rides thread the see what rides are being organised around your area..
  3. Welcome to NR .. good ot see a fellow Lplater in my general area (mont albert north/boxhill north isnt THAT far from springy) .. should go for a ride some time haha :grin:
  4. welcome to Netrider Michael
  5. Welcome to NR bud.
  6. Welcome Michael

    no-one can complain about lack of pictures with this one, eh? :LOL:
  7. not a L plater but yea, im in chaddy, clayton isnt that far for me. When exams are over i'll be happy to go for a ride. maybe we'll go hit up the mystery ride thurs nights?
  8. Yeah sure I'll be up for some riding. Not too familiar with St Kilda area though.
  9. me neither but i have a general idea how to get there. happy to meet up somewhere closer to you too.... one more week and the fun and games start....exams =/
  10. Welcome from a fellow VTR250 learner (yes, there's lots of us)

  11. gday and welcome

    you'll find plenty of helpful people around here :grin:

    take care n stay upright :)
  12. G'day and welcome to the ever increasing world of netrider
  13. hey mike (yeah ill force this nickname upon you =P) wanna head to the blvd sometime this week?
  14. Hi and welcome to NR
  15. Hey man I'm thinking about attending this Thursday mystery ride after it second exam. But I need to add some brake fluids and maybe change my engine oil. But dunno if I'll be able to do that this week by thurs. I would be interested however.
  16. welcome Aboard Mick !