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Melbourne - Lakes Entrance via Bright

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by iGSXR, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. HI All

    Planning atrip to visit my parents later this week(weather permitting) and hoping to take the bike over the Alpine road from Melbourne stopping Bringht or Harrietville overnight.

    I am experienced but as I have not travelled the road/area and will be on my own, wondering if any netriders have experienced this road and can offer some advise or tips for a safe passage.

    Thanks in advance
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    A great run, you will enjoy yourself immensely. You will make it to Omeo though to stay the night. Especially with daylight savings you have extra daylight hours. I would suggest the Whitfield run and then up on to the Alpine Way.

    Then on the second day a short run down from Omeo to the coast.

    Map Link Day 1
    Map Link Day 2

    If you decide to stay at Bright then I would add the Eildon to Jamieson run for the first day, take care it has some loose gravel.

    Map Link - Alternate Day 1
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  3. Yes to what Chris says :) some of the best roads you will ride lots of acomm in bright .we do this run in November every year for the past 6 years . Sooooo good

  4. thanks for the info!!

    Thanks...good info
  5. So did you go, did you have a good time. What did you think of some of those roads? Did you do Whitfield and the Eildon - Jamieson?

    Don't hold out on us. ;)