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Melbourne Kwaka Grease Monkey

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Just got my bike back after my first service.

    I looked at the bill and almost fell over, thinking it was a bit steep. Like really steep… then I got on the bike, keeping my mouth shut at the time.

    My first thoughts… Is this really my bike?
    The clutch was so light I almost thought the cable had snapped. The throttle was also lighter. Then I got some revs on and it was smooth… Really smooth. I loved my ZZR when I got it, but now it is just so much better.

    I noticed on the way home that the horn was a bit dodgy, then next morning it was not dodgy, it was simply not working. I took the bike back, and they had a look. ”no it wasn’t us, we don’t even take off the front fairing” But he had a look, and fixed the problem (No cost)

    So yeah the mechanic was a bit gruff, but the service was good, and the outcomes great. I will be taking my bike back to Cosway.
  2. This is EXACTLY what I am getting at! You have to pay for time, and it takes time to do things properly.
    Good to see there is at least one decent tradesman/business around, makes me proud! Most decent tradesmen are gruff, it's because they are usually very busy, or unhappy with not achieving perfection every time.
    I bet the next time you go there, they will do as good a job, and the price won't be so bad.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Or you could just learn to do it yourself...
    Not exactly brain surgery.
  4. Yeah but that means having a fully eqipt shed, the time and the inclination. I want my bike time to be spent in the sadle, not in the cowlings.

    I definately have to improve my Mechanicle knowledge along the way, but at the end of the day I have a bike to ride, not to work on.

    If I wan'ted a bike to work on... I'd buy a Harly :p
  5. Fascinating to read some positive kudos for Cosways...

    The planets must be in retrograde... PS gets praise... then Cosways... who next???
  6. Hmmm, i am glad you are happy with them. My bike came from there and had its first service there and thats the end of that topic..
  7. I use floyd parkes in ferntree gully. bills vary but run around the $250 - 300 mark. curious to compare- was the service a specific mileage one or just time to get it done. Agree with your comment re DIY servicing. I got the manuals to help with the general care and keep an eye on what the mechanic tells me.