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Melbourne Honda Service {don't type title in caps please}

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by CelticCbr, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm looking for a good place to get my Honda cbr600rr serviced in Melbourne ?? I bought the bike over a year ago now in spot on motorcycles Elizabeth street....I wouldn't get it serviced there though..they don't seem too confident
    If anyone knows any private mechanics or just a good place really that would be great...
  2. Hi,

    Not sure if he is currently trading but Pete at everything two wheels is excellent.

    http://www.everythingtwowheels.com.au/ If I still had a Jap bike that is where I would be going.

    If not there you could try A1 in Ringwood, they are a Honda dealer and great guys who care about what they do.

    Cheers Jeremy
  3. Thanks for that Jeremy ...il check it out
  4. e2w is alive and well.

    Pete can be hard to get hold of as it's a one man op. best way is via email.
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  5. depending on where you are or how far you want to travel try 60 Degrees in Notting Hill excellent work & customer service
  6. Streetmaster does servicing etc, but he's in Frankston and not sure where you are.
  7. Cheers for the help there lads...
    I'm living in camberwell so south east suburbs but I'd travel a bit if for someone good...
    I rang Pete at E2W...$350 for minor service seems steep to me or is that standard?...I'm used to paying 100 to 150 euro back home which would be about $200...
    Only other problem is do many places do service on Saturday's as I'm in a work van Monday to Friday and it's almost impossible to get my bike to any garage during the week....

    I might try 60 degree ...nothing hill isn't far down the Monash
    Cheers mate
  8. Generally they don't do servicing on a saturday as if something goes wrong, it can't be sorted till the following monday (among other reasons).

    As for $350 for a service...it's been discussed to death on these forums already. Mechanics are people too and need to live. They have a business to run, bills to pay, massive rent etc. plus they don't get parts and consumables much cheaper and it's a very seasonal business.

    You are paying for their time and expertise. If you don't see value in forking out a little more for piece of mind, don't. Buy your own oil, pads etc and do it yourself. It's not hard and will save you some $.

    I'm a fan of e2w and can't speak for others but pete is a top bloke (from the UK btw) and is worth every $ x 2. Yes you may save a few bucks elsewhere, but I wouldn't trust anyone else. He treats your bike like his own, often does extras without charge and even cleans your bike if you have been a little lazy!

    I've only had limited dealings with 60 degrees but they are a good bunch and did a good job. A little pricey, but a solid mechanic for the SE suburbs.
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  9. @rorke
    Thanks for that mate....I agree with what you say...was just wondering really if that was standard price..just seemed high that's all...I have no problem forking it out if that's what it costs to be done right and have peace of mind...
    Anyway iv rang 60 degrees in the mean time...lady on the phone was very nice and courteous...informed me that they do minor services(which is all I want) on Saturday's and it costs $245...iv booked in for 2morrow week at 9:30 anyway so il see how it goes
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  10. Another vote for E2W here....

    Pete has helped me out over the years and is more than "just a mechanic" - he was a Honda factory technician and know all there is to knows about Jap bikes. He is a mage.
  11. e2w looks good but is there anything comparable for those of us living south of the city?
  12. Thanks nina, I'll check it out.
  13. Check out JMS Tuning in Sunshine, my rides getting serviced there now for the 6000km. $245ex gst.

    Jayson seems good and very honest, if something is faulty e.g batter etc he will show you and not try pull one over you or charge silly amounts for replacement. I do oil changes/brake fluid myself but still prefer a service by a mech now and then to check brakes etc etc